Google Plus Seo? Public Posts to Appear on Google Search Results!

Google has announced that public shared posts on google plus will soon appear on google social search results (SERP’s).

This is a cool new feature and people are going to love it. Here is how it works. Let’s say you search for a topic for example “google plus seo”, normally google will return results based on the sites it has in the index. Now with this new feature rollout, if you are logged into google plus account and somebody in your circle has talked about “google plus seo” and has a public post about it, it’ll be included in the search result (with reference to who shared this post).

You’ll trust more a result that has a reference / shared by a friend or a person in your circle than a result that is just indexed by search engine through an algorithm. This will work great for restaurant, product, movie, book reviews and lot’s of other topics.

The following conditions has to be met before you see a result

  • You must be logged in to google+ social network
  • Your friend or someone in your circle must have shared a post about the topic you are searching for
  • The post has to be publicly shared (Public post)
  • Privately or limited shared post won’t appear on search results
  • You or the person sharing content must be on google plus social network
Now from a SEO standpoint if a product, movie, book or restaurant or any topic for that matter is good and people love it, the chance of getting more clicks is higher and therefore a higher CTR (click through rate). As a result, this will help improve google search results (SERP’s) and weed out spam.

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