What’s Hot in Google+ Now Available in 10 Different Languages! Read Great Posts From Around the World!!

What’s hot in Google+ (often hash-tagged as #whatshot) is an interesting and one of the popular feature which gives a quick glimpse of what’s hot topic that is being discussed or shared in Google+.

By default your main stream (the default view) in Google+ shows content shared by your circles or people you follow. But sometimes you want to look beyond your circles; curious about what people are talking about in the network. Just click What’s hot link on the left side of your main stream and google+ immediately shows popular content.

This is one of ways of getting to know new and interesting people on Google+. You may decide to follow them (add to circles) if you like what they are sharing or talking about.

Today Google+ announced support for 10 different languages including english (which was the only language supported as of yesterday). Now you can read interesting posts from people around the world written in 10 different languages (outlined below).

Don’t know that foreign language or not able to recognize that language? No problem, Google+ translate is there to your rescue. Once configured you’ll be able to translate to and from of about 58 languages that translate supports.

What's hot on Google+ in chinese!

What's hot on Google+ in chinese!

What’s Hot in 10 different languages

Just enter the language code to this link https://plus.google.com/hot?hl=<code>

Enjoy reading hot and interesting posts from around the world and follow people worldwide!

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