New Hangout Button Allows to Join a Google+ Hangout Right From Your Website

Got a website or blog and want your readers or visitors to join a hangout? It is possible now, thanks to the new hangout button that can be added to your site with just few lines of html code.

Google+ hangout button for your website

Google+ hangout button to add to your website

Google+ hangout button to add to your website

Hangout button comes in 4 sizes (in pixels)

  • 79 x 15
  • 86 x 20
  • 24 x 100
  • 60 x 230
Here is a sample code of how to add hangout button to your site
<a href="" style="text-decoration:none;">
  <img src=""
    alt="Start a Hangout"

where APP_ID is your applications app ID (project id) which can be retrieved from google api console (explained below).

How to get your App_Id?

Google API console with Hangouts

Google API console with Hangouts (copy the project id that appears in the shaded portion)

  • Goto API’s console
  • Click on the hangouts link/button on the left
  • From the browser URL look for the number just next to project: (refer image above)
  • for example,
  • Copy the number next to project: and replace it with APP_ID in the above html code
  • Include the html in your site or blog and you are done
  • Anytime when someone clicks on it will launch the hangout window and he can start participating in the hangout
You can also find documentation about this feature here

Here is a simple example of how this feature could be used on any site or blog. You may write a hangout survey or vote app and add the hangout button to your site. Now when your readers visit your site and click on the hangout button, it’ll launch the hangout window and now they could actively participate, discuss or debate about the survey and collaboratively vote on it. Cool huh? This was just an example and the possibilities could be endless.

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