Translate Google+ Posts From Any Language to English or Any Language of Your Choice Chrome Plugin From Google Released!

Ever wondered in Google+, what somebody is saying in totally a different language that you don’t know or don’t even know what language he is talking in?

Google translate is a great service from google that supports machine based language translation absolutely free. All you have to do is copy and paste a piece of content in any language(over 58 languages supported) and paste into the text in the above page and google translate will automatically translate it into the 58 languages it supports. You can pick any from and to languages and pretty easy to use.

Now think about bringing the same power of translating google+ posts from any language to any language that google translate supports. It will be a natural fit. Since social networks are global and you may have friends all over the world. It is kind of wrong assumption that everyone knows english and even if they know english it’s kind of hard to get the context. One can better express himself in his own language than a foreign language he may have learned.

So, basically google+ posts need a language translation feature. To immediately solve this very useful requirement, google translate team has released a google chrome browser plugin that immediately gives power to the google plus and chrome web browser users to write, share and read in any language that google translate supports. This instant’s transforms google+ social network into the only social network that supports multi-language and a total of 58 languages out of the box.

The google+ chrome language plugin can be downloaded and installed from chrome web store.

Here we will walkthrough of how to use it in google+

We have a friend who is a chinese and he posted about something that i don’t understand (since it’s in chinese!!)

Google+ chinese post

Google+ chinese post

Now we went to chrome web store and download and installed the google+ translate plugin. After installing the translate plugin, refresh or reload the google+ page (by pressing F5 or pressing the reload button)

Google+ translate link

Google+ translate link

Now after installing google+ translate plugin, you’ll find a Translate link next to each post, clicking on the translate link will translate the post to your default language you set for the plugin (more details below)

Google+ post after translation (chinese to english)

Google+ post after translation (chinese to english)

What a cool feature huh??

More features about google+ translate plugin (right click on the translate icon on chrome and click on options to adjust settings)

  • It allows to set your default language that you want all the posts to be translated
  • You can customize the background highlight color (default is yellow)
  • Option to always enable translation on google+
When set to always add google+ translate to google+, you’ll find the below feature in the right bottom of your google+ page. Clicking on it will translate all posts automatically into the language of your choice.
Google+ translate always

Google+ translate always

This is a great feature to google plus that’ll help google+ users to seamlessly collaborate with other google+ users around the world without language boundaries. Good job guys!!!

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