How to Ignore a Person or Block a Person in Google Plus?

Is someone annoying you on google plus or you are not interested in what they are sharing? Google+ understands your concern and you have two options to deal with this – Ignore a person or totally block a person.

#1 Ignore a person on google plus (A lighter option without totally blocking them)

  • Ignoring can be done in few ways
    • When you see a notification about a person in your Google bar, you’ll see a ignore link next to it
    • Click on the incoming link on the top left and you’ll find a ignore link next to each post in the incoming stream
    • From your circles, highlight the person you want to ignore and click on the ignore link on the top right
    • To un-ignore or reverse the action, choose the people you ignored in the circles, click on the More Actions link on the top right, in the dialog click on the un-ignore link
  • It means you are not interested in them or what they are sharing (they may be a stranger)
  • You won’t see any of their posts
  • You won’t see any of their activities through notifications (less distraction)
  • You won’t see them in your circles (they’ll hidden from your circles, less number of people to deal with)
  • They won’t know you ignored them

#2 Block a person on google plus (A stronger option for getting rid of him/her and don’t want to deal with him anymore at anytime)

  • Blocking is very easy, click on the person you want to block – in their profile you’ll see a Block <name> option on the bottom left, clicking on it will block after confirmation
  • If you changed your mind or did by mistake, you can go back to their profile, click on the Blocked button on the top right of his/her profile and unblock them again
  • They are removed from your circles
  • They are removed from your extended circles
  • No posts of theirs appears in your in-stream
  • They won’t see your posts either
  • They won’t be able to comment on your posts
  • They won’t know you blocked them

This is one more step that would prevent spam in google+ and internet marketers abusing social networks.

Here is a video from Google that explains Ignore and block a person in google+


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  1. Júlio Maciel

    I dont’t see any ignore option in my account, I can block or remove people, but, I can’t ignore them, i can just ignore single posts, but I want to ignore all of them

    • admin

      Like we said earlier, most of the features on google+ are enabled in batches. Looks like it’s not enabled yet for you. Patience my friend!

    • Daman Lloyd

      You’re lucky! I don’t even have an option to ignore single posts. “More options” on the “Circles” page allows me to “View ignored”, but I have no way to ignore them in the first place, so it’s useless.

  2. Anonymous

    What “Ignore” option?   Under Circles, I clicked someone, but the “Ignore” option does not appear.   -1 to Google for this phantom “feature”.

  3. Pepote

    Same here, this is 9/9/11 and no ignore button or option. Only block. I tried from home, office, IE, even Chrome. No “Ignore” in any of he places mentioned in the video. Is this RIP in just a month?

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