How to Fight Spam in Google+?

Whenever anything online becomes successful, spammers start moving in there and google+ won’t be an execuse.

We are already seeing some spam popping in but very minimal at the moment. If it is not controlled at earlier stage, it is going to get worse.

Google+ has spam control built in and ready to fight spam. Only thing is Google+ needs our help.

When you see the following message

These posts were shared with you by people who aren’t in your circles. Add people you want to follow and share with (and hide stuff you’re not interested in).
you may want to pay attention. These most of time will be from people who are not in your circles.

If you feel any of this content is spam, you can click on the users profile page and you got 3 options

  • Click on the Send an email and let the author know that this spam and not interested (This is possible only they are in your circles)
  • If the spam get out of control, you can block the user altogether by clicking Block <user> link on the bottom left
  • or click on the Report this profile link on the bottom left and google take care of this

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