How to Search in Google Plus? – You Heard It Right, a Key Missing Feature in Google+!!

It’s been a more than a month since google plus launched and so far our experience with google+ is smooth and love it.

We follow lot’s of friends, family and other interesting personalities on google plus and vice versa. Interesting stuffs, posts, videos, pictures and news are shared by friends, family or pretty much anyone in the circle. But what makes it really interesting is most of these are happening in realtime. Like the other day Sergey Brin of Google shared a picture he took while his trip to Egypt. The moment he shared the pictures ton of his followers started commenting on it and literally took over the page (We are not complaining). That’s how information has to be shared in realtime and get feedback from real people in real time (Ideal way of communication in our opinion).

Now let’s come back to the topic. The real problem now after couple of weeks i want to get back to this picture or any shared post for that matter. I have to goto Sergey Brin’s profile by finding him through the Find People search box and scan through his ton of shared items to figure out the one I was looking for.

Come on!! That’s tedious and time consuming. We are talking about Google and Google Product, Google Plus here…. Google means Search… How can one of Google’s flagship product, Google+ miss that great feature?

Search on Google+ is a must have feature and going to be loved by all. We have heard about Google+ public posts being indexed and searchable through Google, but that just won’t help. Search on Google+ has to be an integrated experience just like searching for a file or stuff on our desktops.

We hope Google will implement this must have feature that will be of greater benefit to all Google+’er’s.

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