Are You an Art Lover? Then You Want to Meet Some of the Artist Friends on Google+!

Love art? Then you may be interested in friend’ing or circle’ing some of the artists on Google+.

Here is a short list of some of the Artist profiles on Google+

+Aurore Blackcat – Illustrator
+Becky Joy Artist – Artist | Workshop Instructor | Oil Landscape Painter
+Bill Brody – Landscape Painter
+Cali Rezo – Painter | Illustrator
+Carsten Bradley – Artist | Illustrator | Concept Artist | Comic Storyteller
+David Revoy – Illustrator | Concept Artist | Digital Art Painter
+David Wachter – Comics Creator
+Donna Brassington – Portrait artist
+Giovanny Arce – Concept Artist | Illustrator | 3D Artist
+Glenn Arthur – Visual Artist
+Jeff Lyons – Oil Portrait Painter
+Jennifer L. Meyer – Illustrator
+Joanna Wedrychowska – Visual Artist
+Katja Feier – Illustrator | Graphic Designer
+Kelly McKernan – Painter | Illustrator
+Linda O’Connell – Watercolor artist
+Linsay Blondeau – Painter | Illustrator
+liza hirst – Painter
+Marcelo Gallegos – Illustrator | Designer

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