How to Control Your Google+ Main Incoming Stream (Filter Stream by Circles)?

After joining Google+ you started to follow quite a lot of interesting people, created circles and organized people based on interests. Of course you will! Google+ is one of the best place to find cool and interesting people who share quality content and share values.

Now as you start to follow more and more users, your main stream gets flooded and there is a greater chance of missing the content you want to focus on immediately.

The next thing you do is, look for better control of main stream which gives good handle and preference of one circle over the other. For example: family, friends, colleagues, etc.

Luckily Google+ comes with a built in main stream filter that gives fine tuned control of what circles you want to see more often than others in your main stream (you can still select a particular circle  on the left sidebar and read all the content shared by that circle without any filtering).

Google+ stream filter by circles

There are 4 different filter settings available for every circle as outlined below,

Show nothing from this stream in my main stream : this setting allows to turn off content completely from a circle from appearing in your main stream

Filter Stream Show Nothing

Filter Stream Show Nothing

Show fewer things from this stream in my main stream : this setting allows to show few things randomly from a circle

Filter stream show fewer content

Filter stream show fewer content


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  1. Dobes Vandermeer

    Hi, any idea what happens if the same person is in multiple circles with different settings?  If I set up a “boring/noisy” circle and set it to “show nothing from this circle” will it still show posts from those people because they are in my other circles that have not been muted?

    • Lynda Lerner

      Dobes – did you ever get an answer to the question you asked about a person who is in your boring/noisy circle and also in another circle ?  I have a similar problem.  Don’t want info from a person in my stream, but need to have him in another circle so that I can send messages specifically to that circle.  Most of the people in the circle I do want to get messages from, except for this one person.    If so, please e-mail me at [email protected]   Thanks. 
      Lynda Lerner

  2. Josh Mitchell

    I would assume that if you have someone in your other circles, you’ll still have to remove them if you don’t want to hear from them… After all, if they’re in another circle, then you’re saying you still want to hear from them.

    Instead of doing an ‘exclude’ circle – maybe try creating an ‘include’ one? That’s what I’ve done, so when it comes down to prioritizing just the people I want to hear from specifically, I’ll just click that option in the feed lists.

  3. Langley MainStreet

    I’d like to filter the main stream so that nothing shows in it except posts from specific circles. I get stuff in my main stream from strangers and spammers. I know I can mute them individually but that’s like the old days of SPAM filtering when you had to report each sender yourself. Any ideas?

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