Google+ Search Now Supports Filtering of All Types : Photos, Posts, Hangouts, Events, Communities, Etc!

Search in Google+ is a powerful feature that allows to quickly find interesting content within the network. It started with a simple search and slowly expanded to support filter by all content types. Today you can pretty much filter out by any feature supported in the network.

List of Google+ search filters supported

  • Everything (standard search)
  • People and pages (search for people or business pages)
  • Communities
  • Posts
  • Hangouts
  • Photos
  • Events
  • From your circles (Shared by your circles)
  • From you (Shared by you)
  • To you (Just shared with you)
  • Location (this will filter out content that have location information shared)

How to filter for just photos for a given keyword?

google+ search filter photos

How to filter Google+ search for just photos?

Let’s say you want to search for Samsung Galaxy S3 and only see Photos, all you have to do is just type Samsung Galaxy S3 in search box and press enter / click on search button and when the results appear, click on the filter drop down and choose Photos, that’s it.  You can quickly browse through photos (of the samsung phone) shared by Google+ users. You can even switch to see the most recent or the best results by clicking on the Best of | Most recent links.

Hope this feature helps to find stuff you are looking for quicker and easier, Enjoy!

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