Google+ Pages Multiple Admin, Page Analytics and Ownership Transfer Coming Soon!

Google+ pages had a great start within such a short span of time. Individuals, businesses, TV shows and media created pages on Google+ pages and the usage is growing rapidly.

Since it was launched in such a short span of time (after the success of Google+ and request for pages growing) it lacks certain features that would make google+ pages even more useful. We all know and understand that developing all features in the world at one shot is not possible and it has to be done in stages.

But some features are more pressing than the others (outlined below). The good news is, these features are under active development according to a post by Google engineer +Dennis Troper

Page Analytics

Page Analytics on Google+

Page Analytics on Google+

This feature will help page owners to learn and understand how the pages are doing, page visits, demographics besides many other useful metrics.

Multiple Administrator

Multiple Administrators for Google+ pages

Multiple Administrators for Google+ pages

Right now when you create a google+ page, you are the admin. But what happens when the page becomes a huge hit or the community grows. It’ll be totally impossible to maintain and engage the community alone. Adding others to be admin’s for the pages will help offload work as well as increase more ideas and minds into the pages. (Similar to admins and moderators in any other forum software)

Ownership Transfer

This will help to transfer a page or assign ownership from one Google+ user to another.

That’s all we know for now. We’ll write in detail as soon as we find more information. This is encouraging to know that these most sought after features are on the way.


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