Happy Diwali and a Night Time Satellite View of India Went Viral on Google+!

Today is Diwali a.k.a Deepavali, the festival of lights celebrated by Indians in India and around the world including here in the United States.

We take this opportunity to wish our readers a Happy Diwali!!!

One of the picture that was going viral on Google+ and quite other social networks on the eve of Diwali was a satellite picture taken over India during night time.

Colorful nightime satellite view of India with lights
Colorful nightime satellite view of India with lights (Courtesy: NOAA/NGDC)

Lot’s of posts and sites we found claimed as the picture was taken during Diwali but unfortunately we couldn’t find proof for it at the owner site ie. NOAA/NGDC – National GeoPhysical Data Center (So don’t be fooled, but it is a gorgeous view)

The original image along with a high resolution image (32MB) can be found on NOAA/NGDC site. Check it out, it is really cool sharper image.

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  1. As per the site this is a RGB Composite of Nighttime Lights Change where the year 2003 = Red 1998 = Green 1992 = Blue

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