Google+ Photos New Year’s Party and Fireworks Seasonal Effects Added to Creative Kit!

We are just one day away (here in the US) before kicking off and celebrating New Year 2012 while in many other parts of the world they are just few hours away from entering into the new year.

Google+ photos Fireworks and New Year's party special effects

Google+ photos Fireworks and New Year's party special effects

Lot’s and lots of social events, parties, fireworks are planned to celebrate this once in a year event.

What is Google+ offering for this New Year? of course this is the first new year for the hottest and fastest growing social network Google+.

First, this year there are lots of online virtual parties organized through Google+, thanks to the wonderful unique feature Google+ hangouts.

Second, If you have used Google+ creative kit then you might have already heard about seasonal effects (a interesting way to easily add special effects to your photos on Google+)

On the eve of New Year, Google+ team has released 2 new sections (refer image) of special effects under creative kit specially designed for New Year

  • Fireworks – Add cool and various firework effects to your photos
  • New Year’s Party – Add cool party hats and accessories to your photos
Read our Google+ photo’s creative kit post for step by step instructions of how to use the same.

Spice up your photos and make your New Year memorable by adding these cool special effects to your profile photo’s, photo’s shared on your posts or albums and have fun! Adding special effects on a social network has never been this easier!!

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