Google+ Photos With New Photo Lightbox, Full Screen, Tagging and More Features Released (Video)!

It is holiday season and this is the time people share lot of their memorable moments with their friends, family and the world through pictures. Google+ with it’s photo sharing and circles feature makes our life a lot easier.

Now there is even more great news. With just in time for the holiday season, Google+ has released major updates to it’s Google+ photos feature as outlined below,

Google+ photos in fullscreen

Google+ photos in fullscreen (Image:Google+)

New features in Google+ photos

  • Whole new photo’s experience
  • Viewing a photo in Lightbox has been completely redesigned
  • Enhanced comment legibility (comments are nicely laid out in a whole new format)
  • Fullscreen view of the photo on the click of a button (A arrow icon on the bottom right corner)
  • Enhanced photo tagging feature with great tools to identify and tag faces
  • Download photo as the original
  • +1 a picture right within the photo view (+1 button on the bottom right corner)
  • Share the picture right from the photo view (share button on the bottom right corner)
  • A photo details option to view dimensions, filesize, camera, exposure, aperture, focal length, ISO speed, exposure bias and flash used (click options and select photo details)
  • A enhanced creative kit, rotate picture, autofix tools if you are the owner of the photo i.e if you have uploaded the photos
  • Creative kit includes seasonal tools. Due to holiday and christmas season now you’ll find reindeer, snow flakes, etc.
  • Option to report a photo (click options and select report photo. tools for fighting spam)
  • Option to report comments / flag as inappropriate (click options and select report comments. A flag icon will appear next to each comment. click on the icon to flag as inappropriate)

Google+ photos with Lightbox video

Overall the new Google+ photos is a simple, clean and organized user experience. You get the rich and interactive experience of a desktop application on the web. Great job guys!!

Enjoy uploading and sharing pictures through Google+ photos. Please also share your thoughts through comments below.


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