Google+ Android App Version 2.6 Released With Brand New Look and Experience

Few days ago google+ iphone app released with a major UI overhaul and new features. Yesterday they have released version of the android app with similar features.

Do we need a voice plan anymore? newly designed Google+ android app let’s you to start a hangout right from your mobile phone and rings people you have invited to the hangout. If they missed the ring they can always join back later (make sure your phone has a front facing camera to start a hangout).

Newly designed navigation ribbon in google+ android app

Gorgeously designed incoming stream of posts that lets to go through posts like viewing a gallery. One problem we found was it is kind of hard to figure out where each post ends i.e the separator. Although it gives a seamless experience of browsing through posts, they should improve the separator  between posts.

The old boring icons of launching features in the application is gone and replaced with a nice navigation ribbon (refer image above) that allows to quickly navigate to stream, profile, messenger, photos and circles.

New features

  • Start a hangout right from your phone
  • Fine control of instant upload settings
  • Newly designed navigation ribbon
  • It is fast and very responsive
  • Ability to download photos and turn into wallpaper
  • Edit posts inline
  • and many more
Overall this is a great release and heads the android app in a whole new direction designed for better experience. Great job guys!

The new google+ android app is readily available for download on android play store or just update if you have already installed.


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  1. Jan Jedlička

     One of the worst design changes I have seen so far, in my opinion. Although it looks pretty cool at first, this first impression is replaced with disgust in no time. Stream is no longer clear, and no separator can change that. It is not clear what is users input, what is text from link and all that is hard to read with images as background. I switched back to older version, and as long as it will work, I will stick to it. This new design is simply not for me.

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