Google+ Android App With Search, +1’s of Photos and Comments, High Resolution Photos and More Released!

Remember couple of days back we wrote about the release of google+ iphone app with new features and updates. We also mentioned android version with similar features is following soon.

As announced, Google+ mobile team today has released the Google+ Android app version with features similar to the iPhone app along with additional new features.

Google+ android app with search

Google+ android app with search

New features in the android app

  • Search for posts or people right from the home screen (click on search icon)
  • +1 Photos
  • See if the person on the messenger conversation is online
  • See if the person online is typing a messenger conversation
  • Start messenger conversations by just entering a mobile number
  • High resolution photo uploads
  • Instant upload of videos is fixed and working again
  • Links to posts and profile open right within the app (previous launching browser and causing authentication issues and failed to load)
  • Stability improvements and enhancements
  • Bug fixes
Google+ android app is immediately available on Android Market. Download and install as new or update if you have already installed.

Enjoy Google+’ing from your mobile.

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