Google I/O 2014 Highlights [Video]

Did you miss Google I/O 2014? Then here is a quick recap video that highlights majority of the events in…

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Recorded Video of Michelle Obama Google+ Fireside Hangout

Here is a recorded video of Michelle Obama’s Let’s move google+ fireside hangout.

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Talking to the President : A Short Video From John Green [Video]

A short video from John Green, author and writer about the upcoming fireside hangout with president Barack Obama this thursday.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Google+ Is Awesome! [Video]

A short video by a google+ user Marques Brownlee that highlights Top 5 reasons Google+ is awesome!

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Muppets Google+ Hangout

Muppets Hanging Out on Google+ Hangouts : A Fun Video to Watch!

Titled Good friends rock out in a Hangout is a short promo clip from Google+ team that explains and promotes…