German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Google+ Hangout [Video]

German Chancellor and the leader of the Christian democratic union recently participated in a Google+ hangout to talk about integration.

She stressed upon the importance of learning the German language which is key for integration.

According to the chancellor…

Learning the German language allows migrants to participate in society, access to education and work, the Chancellor stressed. Language training should therefore start as early. The federal government invests for language development for a period of four years, 400 million euros in 4000 focus-around day care centers.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Google+ hangout video

The hangout is in german. So, we retrieved youtube transcript (german to english) translation and making it available for you.

English transcript (Machine generated by YouTube)

0:00I warmly welcome all who welcome us at this moment on google+
12:05YouTube and look at the pages of the Federal Government
12:07My Name is white and is marked
12:10there will in the next almost 45 minutes over the integration
00:13Speak Germany
00:14We have six Citizens invited to the actual experience
00:18with the integration
0:20The very weapons to try to integrate
00:22and have the questions in the Chancellor
00:25would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody in advance their already
0:29Have sent to the Chancellor via email questions
12:32and then it will attempt in the following discussion
12:35bring these issues again at an appropriate point in the discussion
0:40the Wars already 16
12:42I now go out and indeed with a short introduction round I
0:45Percent greet first is that
12:47Google has invited to this car and a large percentage are quite right that
00:50but the Chancellor Merkel
0:54Hello yes
12:55Pocket pair, I’m glad we perform the page
0:59for me is the first time Google Hanau to make and I
1:02thank you
1:03which discuss with
1:05with him also as a presenter at times to see how it’s done
1:08The issue is particularly important to me, so I’m looking forward to our
1:14I thought
1:15Like other part imagine just switched us all Hansi Muhammad
1:18follow suit student from Berlin, currently in their second year
1:22grew up in Kreuzberg and Neukölln it is committed to the forum
1:26Muslim scholars welcome among other
1:291 Schindler
1:31and the more we invite
1:34We talk with Ismail öner head of the association of midnight Motorsport from Berlin
1:38makes intercultural youth work and offers
1:41Young people in disadvantaged neighborhoods on the weekend
1:44Late at night the chance to sport
1:46they wanted to feel so welcome from the street Höhner
1:57Johnny with Molitor Churchill probe from Wiesbaden is coordinator of the free
2:02Carriers in the Office of Immigration
2:03in situations, including adult also helps migrants in the job search
2:07lost beautiful Abidjan
2:09no duplicates
2:12Lena makes Arentz
2:13home working at Teach First Germany are the youth of the
2:17Remedial teaching in classes 9 and 10 am delighted that he is with us at 9
2:21be the calculus
2:23We talk to the 7
2:25Sandy Italy gave policeman from Hanover, he cares about the targeted
2:29Attempted recruitment of migrants for the police service and
2:32Get to attract people to the police told
2:36among all purchasers Ariane
2:39and I welcome that
2:40the flu after it has a hardware store in Bremervörde
2:43support young migrants in search of educational and
2:47Jobs must also ensure their own contacts to which it has
2:50Business and economy as the ships come to Ars
2:53Thank you and place
2:54I owe the other
2:58The first question I would like you to hear and judge the Chancellor, “Mrs.
3:02Merkel have in 2000 and SID
3:04grows the first Integration Summit have launched invited
3:08and repeatedly emphasized
3:10how important this topic is very personal
3:13I would like to read his second World Cup which have reached us
3:17the first is from the Lord shines tones
3:19I am a productive member of society than integrated
3:24I’m not German but I only German with migration background
3:29therefore feel like a foreign body in my native Germany
3:33MLP in the same direction is
3:36Mr. Eroglus I’ll write as good integrated wants
3:41I leave it or leave it
3:42I will raise him
3:43I was born in Germany Germany Germany is my home
3:47to be well integrated sounds positive, however, implies that
3:51not actually to
3:54So it is the concept of integration seems to be problematic already
3:58understood I would be interested to have a really Fini for Zion
4:02what integration means to itself for them
4:06So yes, a Pepe foul not quite straightforward but I would say it
4:10but anyway basically goes together
4:12soon our society, “It’s about whether we
4:15Station have shared with whether the Germany as our
4:20m home to see the values
4:22Red parts are and perhaps one may say so, the percent if we
4:26share common values
4:28also work together for good to the simple future of our country
4:32and yet I understand that to some people says
4:36I will not be asked again and again to you and your integrated the Dark
4:41all you can
4:42learn to speak two Doll 10 when they pressed you you’re
4:47to attend everything in quotes, the beautiful German percent
4:52many jihadist make $ 10 many generations living here
4:55and data must not I think honestly about this also
5:00and that the integration
5:01and his word is always
5:03he say to the German when the words come to us are the
5:07I have been here longer than that but have come to us
5:11Zeltner the patch files are come to us whether he actually
5:14feel at home here is basically integration
5:16if you can not distinguish it when everyone says this is our
5:21clear answer back between
5:23thanks for that I would like to give the floor Mr. Koehler percent
5:27a gradual decrease complained a phenomenon as I just in the
5:30He had presented emails says that many children from Jürgen
5:33-immigrant-families could not identify with what Germany
5:37make the fixed maybe they briefly describe to you their work
5:40have they have done so
5:45the juicy very briefly I must interrupt
5:47Mr. Renner personally can not at this moment
5:52them is similar to the
5:53Ask the unde
5:55PKN Orlen
5:57Barca so then all the questions from
5:59I suggest that percent who work here really jump
6:04should try the same again to get into conversation with each other
6:07order because the firm promises very interesting answers
6:09and what is now very much in advance of what I have over 100 outer mountains
6:13trying percent since the technique again to get to the starting line to
6:16we continue with Hannibal Mohamed k
6:19see also Mohammed in r have a similar theme to them what the
6:22Heart is something they want to talk issues like how much diversity
6:25exactly is required in Germany and how compatible
6:29breaks this diversity with the so-called German culture quote
6:32if there please describe their experience and honor a question for you and the
6:39and every day
6:41a long horn in January this year was Mohammed possibility percent since the summer of their
6:45to speak with me because there have already been addressed with EHEC
6:49Issue the Falcons diversity
6:51I was born in Berlin and even pensions to numbers because the band now
6:55He has also grown but can go to school No he loves art
7:00ever approved
7:01migrant June
7:04and I shall then are my side ever there was a corner, he covers Emily
7:10meanwhile has found that percent are already in
7:13Federal Statistical Office
7:15Percent more people with a migration background living
7:18Students have a popular entertainer subject under six
7:21Years of life are already well was part of the Tomatina has up to two
7:28grown in construction work of the guys Sendesaal if so, how a whole other contained
7:31Saab Germany
7:34me that the question of how do we create a common we are for Germany
7:38when did it even that one percent and differentiates between
7:43the German people and the action series and the first real
7:46Stress test finally a German
7:49and issues of German culture is not the people I travel I
7:53Dominant culture to longstanding and 31
7:56Piedmont 0 with a clear Daimler finally wore her about that seemed
8:01Traditions I know I have the German delegation and 7
8:04because defined from guest and he told not only current but also
8:09much worse the more to come
8:12the German ideas anyone has as was difference among locals
8:16not that we sometimes used the study
8:18but then he is driven by BASF nation state were his culture
8:27and I mean now complement the German culture
8:30He took me to the European idea of ​​enlightenment and secularization or
8:34Freedom of practical order
8:37I hate to pass on a question of aid kit
8:40depending on the revolt directly answers yes yes clarity also very good also
8:45Integration have said
8:47to be taken in for him did not wait for it of course
8:50this can
8:58if you are to start of the round but the ones next to the first
9:01have come second third fourth generation to us often have a very
9:06Ties still their home that can be found for example in the
9:09percent of Turkish origin
9:11German or
9:12to which in Germany
9:14often stick in Alzey
9:16so they basically have a lot of those who have a background
9:22Give decades centuries already in Germany
9:24not have the means
9:25Our range expands in Germany
9:28which means of course that means that the
9:31which it has long been known as German
9:34must Interested in this background because they have something else
9:38what I have
9:39For example, I have not so
9:41that means you have to approach each one must fit
9:44and now the interest has an enrichment
9:48Celle and this readiness we also meet Sam and thanks
9:54for many years are announced guest workers may already be
9:57go back home and have the nomination as they described it
10:00have not fully understood
10:0214 percent of the 15 percent maybe even something
10:05more our population
10:07today me more as we knew the earlier
10:10percent to come from Germany or from German states
10:16We basically in Vienna in Germany flying so long since we have immigration
10:21from France youth had had as immigrants and that was always a
10:26percent that is, in fact, and I say entire
10:29Spectrum Bassist dominant culture in these parts of the country has
10:32Jewish-Christian sculpture was in the year
10:36Wulff also said
10:38of whether the slam Muslims belong to Germany all love here
10:41course, and that is a change
10:43versus time of 4
10:45fifty or a hundred years
10:47percent and as a society grows naturally
10:50continues to says
10:52Aumann and changed it
10:55I would like to address any question or practice
11:00the question no other Giannina monitors without special form of sugar Zundel
11:04they have to be
11:06during busy immigration law and as it comes to smoking
11:09Gospels for the parts but that’s already been touched on but now their questions as
11:14yes he put Hohendanner the invitation unfortunately remain
11:20he is
11:21it is a matter that we are here working in the migration advice
11:26Chancellor will be
11:28and the people come to us to learn the language itself very Irmen
11:33cheap to go to work and he invited the additions that are allowing them
11:38also by law with us is now due to different status to
11:42all possible not only their personal desire for integration
11:46to live out in the form in Germany as well as the
11:51The problem has previously been addressed with respect to the
11:54Host society
11:56We as a consultancy convey ultimately repeatedly between the
12:00Seeking advice and the public authorities and remember just how
12:05difficult it is even there
12:07Euro in the host society in the German population an interest
12:11I introduce other cultures and each other very closely together for a
12:15together to make this country live and work there would be a
12:20Question to what extent the Chancellor are the great efforts
12:24Integration policy in the coming years, again especially on the d
12:29Host society could be related
12:34So firstly I believe that Dr in recent years and the whole lot
12:39whether recorded third because we have taken care of a topic which
12:43previously the focus was not so that is the language
12:45German language and that is to
12:48it is all they said that basically the participation and
12:52The join allows the formation thus allowing the formation
12:56and allows
12:57I think everyone
12:58can speak good German has ever quite another to
13:02Aarau number of entry-coach Erk whether it is working whether it is percent
13:08Pat operation is voluntary actuation
13:11the Market of course to some extent the percentage I will not deny
13:15provide also give prejudices
13:17It is of course so if someone looks very different then look at the
13:21People also name the company also eight times
13:25he just someone to have and maybe thought
13:27Baur to ask a few questions inhibitions when someone comes from Ghana or
13:31from China
13:32and you know nothing about the country to which one comes into contact now
13:35that is to perhaps to
13:37and if you are not as simple and as
13:39I always say you should completely
13:41Just like you always speak to each other as he talked with each other
13:45People and if you do not know something then you find him a question
13:48asked question is how good I think also always taken reasonable
13:52there is a really good thing this is the program a few years the German
13:58but already the transferred meaning we are
14:01not older on average and we will be more
14:05older people that is in and we will be more people
14:09have a migrant background than younger people and the businesses that
14:12you can tell already to care for young skilled workers and they
14:18are very many
14:19Water also from a well-educated migrants is therefore important
14:23that we
14:24Make language assessment in the classroom, the 4
14:28the same school breaks
14:29Require inferences
14:30because we have made progress but we are not there yet where would
14:33and we must do for all who come to us now courses
14:38and not only
14:39Bang fifty or one hundred hours but
14:42up to 960 hours over a million people since then have I
14:46Chancellor when such courses
14:49and along with it also really learned percent better German
14:52and that is very, very important, especially when percent
14:55such as running for migrants with and perhaps
14:59Make marriages and or relatives percent after
15:02Germany get the
15:04Percentage is then also guaranteed a really special one life
15:08so far, however, this deserves the theme for woman, however, should
15:13Image Werner fashion had reached the Chancellor so that their question already
15:17APA bankruptcy they care specifically for language
15:23all I know
15:24Memo prime question his band provided of course they say it is quiet
15:32as they that they briefly interrupt then they have to give
15:34but only with a still provide otherwise decrease the findings on issues
15:38it goes on but in fact in the same direction, they offer their simple question
15:41one back
15:43Attention to 2 percent, and no one makes my life as a man I hardly
15:49improve but finally hands he holds, however, be confused serve to minimize
15:55and this is definitely one of the most important factors
15:58Harmony of social participation which is not to say
16:03where do I go now reached are immense this is
16:06that the woman answering the fasting than 28 percent were in which Arnie
16:11interesting fits AMI Jena on 17 as guest musicians etc get Schonach
16:17have been various occasions UNICEF
16:20and then would get the first one is the problem that Barton Valley
16:25Indication Hoffenheim July, a box office hit in the eye
16:29under sleeveless
16:30was currently said Schlosser
16:32Mario Theissen and Esteban Matias Cenci Tigra Pinache that’s clear he learns
16:39her can make a name for himself rising
16:42industry 1 and can be Oh
16:45Money is not enough
16:52he the
16:53for he is as we have in recent years is here
16:56I also believe a
16:58Federal Republic of Germany has sharply the importance of
17:01Language is the means
17:03it is done much more and
17:05therefore it will provide more detail on the problems they also give the
17:09have just described, and because you have step by step course
17:11watch that degrades the
17:13we started to now by the federal government although not now direct our
17:17Jurisdiction to 4000
17:20Aki Takase ie kindergartens and daycare percent
17:24Promoting percent where the proportion of children with a migrant background z
17:29big is so little satisfied
17:31Franzen then have problems when the children are
17:33are almost in the school-age sweep
17:36that is to say that is a percentage point Bley
17:39about 2
17:41and the second percentage is because we of course
17:45also on the performance of the education package hartz4
17:49the issue of language support
17:50and also for the local authorities to help
17:53offer with and even that is not so old that you can also just
17:58put back in place so I think
18:00what we need to refer to this would be that the Standing
18:04therefore also write
18:06and the country step by step to create the percent of that
18:09they are really the right support play
18:12Foer federal coffers I would like to read on this subject them an e-mail
18:17basically may as well has reached us
18:19and he wonders why does the provision of benefits resulting from the
18:23education and participation package come as long as for example in German
18:27Demands talked about it because the job center needs sometimes up to three
18:31Months is to edit the applications from these long processing time com
18:35he writes is not an exception but the rule
18:39fails to integrate efforts
18:41assumes for the occasional provocation
18:44should naturally not be the case and percentages “We have already
18:49Sam noticed that part
18:51Katie the Carrot deemed to when applying for benefits
18:54Seng is connected per cent of the unemployed help unemployment benefit 2
18:59Landwehr I is one that has me doing now in consultation with the
19:02Countries put a law on the way
19:05Poland to certain bureaucratic obstacles to
19:09and I will now ask and almost the e-mail writer but that he close
19:13and should listen
19:15a couple of times observed that the entry into force of the new law
19:18is better
19:18via specific ja processing site but I will now because even
19:22no excuses but
19:24yet not to become better then bit ly simple drum may
19:27what you anschreibt Prince normal
19:30Percent three months is too long and the percentage is helpful
19:36We talked about education and
19:37since were talking about language after a successful education and training
19:41Year loan, the training or the transition to the
19:44Labor market
19:45Numbers «What integration are concerned because algae is on a good path
19:49the employment rate of oysters and
19:51know 2000 and 2000 and 6 and 11-0 e10 running numbers of the Federal
19:56Work light
19:57nevertheless there is something very concrete aspects of women cited Naas interfere
20:03So yes Dell has as its seekers are people a year in Red
20:07Germany staying in principle able to
20:11To learn about a work permit
20:13ala is a workplace is
20:16to search
20:17However, failure Vienna People usually on the liability
20:20Direction EM
20:22is also ideal employers such team orders is
20:26that they refer to this parameter, the test method that is partly from
20:30it is obviously parts
20:32can not get involved because a workplace must quickly
20:36be reoccupied and the solutions are therefore always be
20:41again with refuse because
20:43he modestly
20:44he will be confronted
20:46are characterized by a really big effort to admissibility parents
20:51And 11 percent will be there through these measures also
20:55l the prejudices of the people I have to say quite openly times
21:01Percent of the German entry so only come looking for
21:05any social security systems
21:07Fri they do not mean you could see that the not yet fixed in this form Red Bull
21:12should be abolished for people who perhaps only
21:15time in Germany
21:19So we have
21:20m I think about in recent years up some already done so
21:26People who are each from Asia reasons with us
21:29Wohlers percentage method also part still runs the better
21:33Have job opportunities around him and is only temporarily in decline
21:38does not stop here all the time
21:41Percent elapses without the job opportunities
21:44Heldt is they have the right percentage of testing is there we have it
21:48changed such that 7 appointed
21:51where we have a very good
21:53who knew in national demand
21:55be such and priority check no longer carried out in industrial
21:59appointed in medicine and other
22:02but they are certainly
22:03far too often not getting the jobs where people Aldi percent Lea
22:08Search the z with Us percent Lorze that apply when it comes
22:13goes as
22:14Percent a priority review must then be carried out in December
22:18It could actually go faster
22:20To refrain entirely rethink the shape of curves
22:23without the I do not see because we have also
22:26three million unemployed here with us to Modena percent and now when
22:31really a high demand
22:33because time is because you have to
22:34think I already see that the
22:36the definitive
22:37her life awakening
22:39which will then spend the
22:41at once come into work and thus
22:44there is also a certain gradation
22:47However, I can very well be strong
22:49just the status per cent, the sales team because what it also no easy start
22:54What many people
22:56that such procedures are very long
22:58complicated and
23:00somehow go so annoying are the words to the candidates we then also very
23:05yes that is not a good Hofer
23:07and therefore I would to take the time now to rise again with the
23:11Federal Employment Agency also speak with Minister of Labour
23:14to address
23:15Place in December if we can simplify something here in the sense of
23:19that would make me very happy for these people
23:24they can when she says that at this point can say once has it all
23:27only they can at any time participate in the discussion so if they per
23:30want to say something on these points that it occurred to us that our
23:33any talk about a break that is not a problem and explicitly as
23:36desired is also
23:38okay i to v of there because of a completely different light on the way that some
23:43is that I also have been around
23:44can further develop the thief on the fits to the registration office a
23:48recite it go
23:504 FOGC that at least take the
23:52why is there what they think of a one
23:55Migration system according to the Canadian model with the qualified
23:58Integration efforts migrants and their families, immigration
24:02not be simplified while probably all know Kannenberg fees
24:06Points system
24:07because for each it is now not on the screen have
24:10and I somehow more points to reach the easier my immigration
24:14made or from a certain score
24:17I may later migrate to Canada without a concrete job offer that would be a
24:20Model for the Federal Republic of Germany
24:23We have seen this percentage
24:25especially Canada and the percent of countries have the product and the system
24:29now again a piece are far gone from the points system
24:32in which basically two things we need smoke
24:35WiFi graced percent people who come to us and on the other side
24:38we need in the labor market, the possibility that these people also
24:41any chance you will take in a professional training
24:45to have and that is why I believe
24:46something very good team that is a Leukhardt eu directive that we are here
24:50have been implemented in Germany
24:52and those samples
24:54find a job here
24:56Percent percent if they can have an annual income above 46 06
25:01have a hundred euros I think is the
25:03and then immediately move it and then, of course, are in general very
25:08qualified skilled jobs news
25:11So there meets the qualifications
25:14Percent of demand in a country
25:17and inasmuch as we are spread Pum
25:21Value very much
25:22clearly won by Dr FCE also highly welcome in the sense
25:27the profession in addition there are of course the asylum system
25:31that is, the people
25:33are tracked between reasons for religious reasons in their home countries
25:37have a right to ask for asylum
25:39but for the immigration we need today
25:42We have to look it up for work for our
25:45Company adjusts
25:50Man has arrived in Germany so that he will seek here
25:54there or be integrated with respect since we can also according to the amount
25:57is now joining us hopefully
25:59report from the field
26:03Bohemian I hear it still does not have
26:08Name or the
26:09Michel moment to moment I hear something now and then that would
26:13but that does not matter this is a live broadcast so far
26:17anna-lena no longer
26:20but will now
26:24what’s on 10
26:26leave the question of whether the bonds they say Rama year again
26:30all the joy over
26:33Vanselow coli personally I so I think at Denner to the percent-
26:39actually say that as EADS Albig of them managed to read a bit
26:42and had
26:43because North Seas Schaaf of the Penny Well what are so because
26:47Technology should strive a little bit, they have their microphone
26:50turned on and restlessness
26:51or even nearly so
26:56I would imagine that after this announcement, the network services
26:58Technician at flower is reasonably have stressed
27:01Boy but Rosberg finally seemed not successfully installed fold almost as
27:07but that does not matter
27:10the book could
27:11at least for the moment
27:13it was not bad at it, there is still someone in this round of
27:17very special experience
27:18with the integration of people and your attempts
27:20To recruit people for the police service
27:23He sent it the norm that it is precisely their subject, they try in Hanover
27:27and hope for the police to gain and selectively targeted migrants
27:31The civil service is a field of the certain that there’s still a little
27:34weak point that here the
27:36Number of migrants forecasters could still increase as it is in the national
27:39Action Plan Integration
27:40the winners their experiences and what questions despite agreement
27:45Retail House Christmas and Easter came
27:49they had some difficulties
27:51to find themselves right
27:53lose everything
27:55Kammel courses and who have not yet had the opportunity to work
28:01that is has become very much better today so that you can say that the
28:06the cooling of the integration policy has improved
28:09but from personal experience I know that are dependent integration came to the finish
28:14then comes the practical effect of both sides
28:17and I find channels reached
28:20there should be a high degree of initiative and to
28:24Bring motivation
28:27a call failure
28:28Percent meets again the people percent with Germany
28:33maybe I do not want to see him ”
28:36and therefore no willingness to show the Left and the
28:42who my question
28:43rather then in the future for such people only go to 74
28:48take advantage of the benefits that had triggered
28:52and India
28:53you may want to contribute
28:55but I slept very important 2
28:57but I find these people to have some very difficult here to
29:02to grasp and
29:07I personally can think
29:09Here you can assume it
29:12In principle, every person actually
29:14when he lived here and would like some help around
29:19Thus, all of which have the majority of all people whether legally thanks
29:23German for a long time or if the people
29:26with a migration background
29:27not want to build a life on that she and the unemployment assistance or
29:32hartz4 or want to get something that they want to do something but
29:36but I also know that it a way of life so much can happen and I
29:40I myself, for example,
29:42just visiting with my
29:44and, for example, during a visit to Hamburg
29:46entertain with percent migrants
29:49if you can easily feel again you noticed since you which one per cent SID
29:54because everything has to provide points of entry and then travels Baden
29:57then I think it is very, very important that we always have company again
30:00Points missing
30:02where these people which I can take it because I also wars courage again
30:06and in order to that is if I had someone now is the 48 90 36 and
30:13Years seems to be satisfied as so often seems a
30:16Satisfaction 2
30:18the person might not like the way I find I can then
30:22constructively and is even more important that
30:26Teams will be made in the voluntary sports clubs that
30:29to the percentage that the percent of all the
30:33seven people called in the AHL host society life
30:37are attentive and not just someone
30:40to one side but still days where my chances of vocational training
30:44or to create similar
30:45if that is not the case then I say but also of his chance
30:49not then have to take
30:50also be clear that the
30:52are reduced by the then afford and that also can not get any all
30:56otherwise say
30:57and maybe also thinks so insecure not to strain
31:00but you have also been repeatedly disassemble and very important now
31:03I believe
31:04that we work with positive examples percent
31:07that is, when
31:08someone who himself has done all of this whole migration experience of
31:11knows how to do that here knows what one is annoyed that he knows
31:14it much better than we know, for example,
31:16to that of BZ already reach out to others can ride to go
31:21this is not so
31:21have managed to learn or even in the middle of the processes or German
31:24something similar
31:25and to say but I understand you have to make the son
31:28it is now sharing is also very important
31:31Bundeswehr to threaten them to fit a mite they should do
31:35come by the Hammer
31:36what I bleed join common the idea that he is not called the
31:41Club more frankly to jog the halos join because my idea
31:45who writes what they think of the creation of a network with the
31:48Help to German families and families with migration background
31:52Partner families can connect
31:55would need at least differ in the final with Action Center
31:58in everyday life no longer the transition to the authorities, they would very much from the
32:01Learn from their everyday
32:02German partner forgive what they think of this idea
32:06I think much of the idea more
32:07Bahar road which we also in various forms from the Federal Government
32:11did this once in the face area of ​​the economy
32:14and where we have it accounted companies who contribute to the area
32:19Migration but also
32:20together where I can find are 60 families find the great thing
32:24The prerequisite is of course
32:25not that one understands the language and also to certain images in the
32:29Not talk about problems
32:31I always say if just
32:34Dackels have Turkish origin
32:36Bartlett also from other countries
32:37for migrants to
32:41over there are married women
32:43which then promptly out of the country from which it was
32:46here it comes originate
32:48then maybe the percent can not speak German so well that
32:51coming in a language course in an integration course
32:54make that too with much
32:57but often it is then so that no more German spoken at home there
33:00Percent and if the children are not in school and
33:03Speak German or kindergarten
33:04then commanded the German victory to the game for that knowledge of
33:08German Language again
33:10and then that is not easy to give the partner families
33:13is the key to life is always sweet
33:15the language of the
33:16also must give yes
33:18say those who want to get involved here, but I want German families also
33:21Courage to do the same to do something
33:23and Sarah each of the surface has to work colleagues with a
33:27Familiar with migration background or like any of the kindergarten family
33:31Percent where
33:33m to formally perhaps
33:35May include partnerships should do
33:38However, there a little on my travels directly to Richard in a
33:41Family center in Schleswig-Holstein, she took
33:45Kindergarten also said they would wish that the parents often
33:48percent of children with immigrant background still
33:52also participate actively
33:54because then they would
33:54again to get to know other parents and then you could such partnerships
33:58better shoot but I think this is a very very good way
34:01To the hall Mohamed m what we just talked Year
34:05m so I guess they could have experienced at least in large parts on site
34:09they are, he says his whole
34:10grew up in Berlin-Neukölln and Kreuzberg, among other
34:14provide for the theater was to feel like they have settled in
34:19si the city receives or is supposedly the floods in Thailand, I
34:24my this together in this
34:25Life and this this this possible exchange about the idea of
34:28Partner families there is indeed such a thing never called and that he
34:32socially Mattersburg
34:33is really something there are also regulated under the APA volunteers a
34:37Team picture versed something and have experienced the practical benefits
34:40could operate out of practice
34:435 I think I also promptly available are definitely the most popular
34:48In addition, research in every way I am fully caught
34:52but you have to always say when someone needs you from meeting
34:56because towards the Ticino voltages, the voltage
34:59one must try to reduce
35:00resulting break down
35:03Reduce vm
35:05but I have many friends and neighbors Berlin he succeeded
35:09I actually different non-negative background francs or
35:13held by its locals should look
35:17I also have German banks and flats
35:21Emmendingen BZ
35:22yet here it is missing in our fits also my question even further
35:27Bern I also close the question put
35:30not felt at that age boy
35:32Citizens and played hard to Lance Bass prejudice
35:36enter into many clear whether they are happy tend to
35:40had to cope with German delegation Brandenburg
35:43Muslim or Islamic country to the
35:46Wuppertal I just indiscretions because of statements also motifs from
35:51as a conclusion b
35:53it means that you will collect all of the case studies also
35:57Government had close community
36:00for example, that one called again
36:02honor killings and forced marriages restrict the destination on the Internet that it
36:07Baden-Baden title people will be charged to meet again
36:11and I do not know why and the citizens living here in Germany
36:16Banks guaranteed edited
36:18they respect the German constitution it is who the factory in Graz Concert
36:22in Germany and the German Chancellor Frank says the area is Empire
36:27without NCR guiding people to the importance of the action day
36:33I think you are best to thereby removed we must have in all
36:38Life as well as all
36:40have time to min Schmidt back with a migration background
36:44as chiefs as a teacher
36:46as a police officer that is also another task that we have just in
36:49public sector closer
36:51of which was attributable
36:53So and so they have such a migration have the basic
36:56it must, in my view, it must establish that k percent
36:59as many
37:01Percent of young people with a migration background as the study
37:04Percent percent German do the long life in Germany so
37:07Germany German yes always such a thing
37:09therefore increase
37:12I have to be normal when I made the first Integration Summit
37:16’ve got a percentage actor has said he to be seen with at
37:21Obtain immigrant always murder Poland
37:24where he is a drug dealer and go in valleys or the offense committed
37:29and then sneaks across
37:31in Beijing as one of the subject with you
37:33Boka champion plays in a movie
37:35in and around the German television that I think very, very important percentage
37:39that we do and otherwise
37:41every man should have to the
37:43Kerpen prejudices percent
37:45percent must say every man must be considered individually that it is our
37:49Constitution any groups I can always put the same
37:52there and say to the North German rather not talk and silence in the a-and
37:56the Bavaria beer after a working meeting
37:58all the others is that you can take every man for himself, the most important
38:04and I would now like to ask as to Sino my counter question
38:07times because they have the impression because they had
38:11have a migration background
38:13in a German not so close a friendship with them and at the bow to
38:18they made or
38:19comic or watched
38:22Bettina, however, is
38:24Years because of the deadly radiation closures, the right question
38:28have made in the ORF
38:30the reward and praise here so I interested Milan
38:33Personally, I have both positive and negative collected without experience
38:37to grow up around here in Germany next to
38:42I think it is much more important everywhere only personal experiences or
38:45should also be seen indirectly talking about is also in a structural
38:49Problem is whether the Chancellor SP had against teams of the
38:53Just society
38:54the tripod case he escaped he one should enrich the discussions and
38:59the mandate received from Porsche on potential deficits Nungesser ounces of the
39:04Band is my husband
39:05at means of integration or if the style or choice of Hotel Aqua
39:10where I grew up at times appear more with the turning points GEA Action
39:15Genscher deficits it is a disadvantage that one sometime between Mr.
39:19’ve Schuster pleasure or fall again in the 60 three large complex
39:24walk the streets he has seemingly cool conditions
39:29the formation of parallel societies bit
39:32more money in education where I now this term could not be
39:38and there is the question
39:39how can ultimately also structurally Pippa and Prince Harry
39:42I believe there is also much to question you here so that you only
39:47personally if he sneaked inside the paint people standing around I was hung
39:52other hand, have a few people in the short story and
39:55they race then he cashed a Belgian presents the question is
39:59rather like Carmel in companies send 07 then not only personal
40:04and what happens when
40:06the painting and not to celebrate the success of the personal history
40:10may believe
40:11because integration is to really succeed
40:12Balda to it must be normal that the head doctor in a hospital
40:16no one can be with a migration background
40:19and the chief of a police station and still comes then
40:22he is just no perfect world if successful integration
40:26every fifth
40:28a migration background in the us has that what I mean and that has
40:31something with
40:32to do with the structure
40:33and by now remembers as a very tight game bring
40:37and of course I believe
40:39more successful and Yaya m different also go
40:44learn those with a migration background their professions
40:47their society irritated her life life
40:49the less if he was having such parallel societies
40:52of course above all,
40:54there cavort a large concentration of people with a migration background
40:58Grundfos much unemployment is high
41:01order are also difficult living conditions and the
41:05Moment where
41:05to himself in his professional life successfully percent percent is then
41:10there are also many Dalton then just pull in all the other parts
41:13Cetin and there is a self-reinforcing effect because too many
41:18when already in a group together then one speaks too much the word
41:21bernese Year percent lie you are a piece of a
41:24percent and we have to try to break up percentage can be as
41:29a very
41:30local politics make a good housing policy also give it attempts
41:35People certainly percent
41:37The four different
41:38vice versa could
41:41to settle in all parts of the city of Frankfurt am Main percent over their right to
41:45many years quite clever politics to social housing
41:49does not always have settled in one place
41:52So I give them right but we have to break up the structures ultimately
41:55are good examples where they are ever broken
42:00that goes
42:02I’m not always lead
42:07I was just
42:09So I would like to announced back Marmara home U.S. troops
42:14Debt clear that my book should take precedence shot
42:19and have similarly low and negative in the knee Arbon as an opportunity and
42:26I wonder just gets on with respect
42:29the debate mm
42:31Radeberger Pils give Ruhrmann Georg Lukas guarantee its connection
42:37with the strategy given in the Yemen government and Bulgaria and Slovenia
42:41Now he discusses
42:44it receives the states in Encino could be improved what each
42:49KH first own information
42:53who does me different, of course, we are also trying to ultimately
42:58because also important that you
43:01of course every single asylum application costs I must have
43:04that too a few days ago said it’s not that all groups
43:08in a few candles there
43:09% lead and no reason to make an application for asylum as
43:13but each stone will have individual tested but
43:17have the impression that yes in order to ask questions of the number of states
43:22Country of origin play a role then it must be remembered
43:25so that the states of the European Union or of course in such that it
43:28want to speak with the countries of origin and say what
43:32is now building law might not be the right one has gone more
43:36and around and around we do believe that percentage just inside the
43:41European Union on the one hand, we naturally vested Keith
43:44have the need to say
43:46because this movement
43:48connected with the expectation of the tournament is also a workplace percent
43:51is perceived and that this is not simply
43:53only one percentage is set to come very very request and therefore the
43:57Conditions are for a
43:58not given to the application
44:00We do this so we but we still always phases in which such
44:05some rest because you have to go first and the
44:07Cent appearance and then you have the conversations held in a special way
44:12the clear majority of more
44:14I is my defense yes
44:16increased the experienced team has would take the first guests
44:21No make a real highlight now again
44:26Bernd the casting is not together with the statement that the Rhine-Neckar Löwen as
44:30Coach they respect the dance duo have HSV
44:35yes it is
44:36with 2 to
44:37I would say to inserts percent on one side by the sea we are as
44:42Open country
44:44those who
44:45the increase of
44:46specific reasons are persecuted or those who see this and now so
44:51Berger terrible war going on around against the Assad regime-
44:55where we say
44:56there are humanitarian reasons to take the people on
45:00and on the other side of him, of course, we have to
45:03otherwise to warn the people to target us
45:06let them also
45:08Percent are urgently needed in the labor market, for example, or
45:11must go to family reunification
45:13but we have not, of course, the closer the target is not the reason for a
45:17Asylum application is made
45:19and more people in large large numbers again twelve pieces
45:23the percent have our Mainz Sid
45:25maybe what percent is also a problem
45:28structural nature is thus our
45:30to address what one speaker then also with the countries
45:34speak or what there may not operate properly and can be seen as
45:37European partners, I think already do
45:39to some extent, it is an avoidance strategy if we know
45:43and there are
45:44So when the applications are filed Bruhn maybe on a situation in which
45:48a country
45:49can also be improved as well as in the country and in European
45:53Partners must I find that openly discuss together
45:56I have a cautious signs of Mr. Sander has set in motion
46:00correctly interpreted
46:05Mr whether and when to TV
46:07we have over the handing-over a part of immigrants
46:11on the other were
46:14as to demand some problems with the Romanian Association of the Bulgarian
46:18come due to the Eu enlargement possible acquisitions
46:22and to
46:23I my professional life I have felt before Mars
46:26they remain
46:27which certainly does not pull money for Germany but it is in
46:31Nuclear matter
46:32Participate in ski racing for many people, the King percent
46:36Eleven percent think not read
46:39and to
46:40conscription in Germany also do not want if we do not eventually
46:45what are the limits to do in the water
46:50China only hope that my parents came to Germany per cent
46:53Bammer as 50 here
46:55but to
46:57because we were also told that if I thought I percent makes at EEX
47:00afford strengthen
47:02and I do not feel the tires are also only a national one on When
47:07LG also what percent of these companies and also percentage
47:12bring forward since 9
47:15Jeff Bridges
47:17is on and the more he says before Marcel Schäfer received a example
47:22alone is about coming to Germany
47:24I guess I Hattingen decades Corp.
47:29to visit the school, now he can get anything he said is dpa
47:34lighten the moment the company and only 7
47:38the dealer’s legal is it were a police officer definitely the EM
47:44No, but I believe that his wife a kidney but that is absolutely essential
47:49and then the company must also provide assistance
47:52percent for the child, for example,
47:54can not help it if it has not learned it all and we want to
47:57one must try to give this child the necessary opportunities
48:02and therefore percent
48:03all showing in the 11 always in principle by the expectation of
48:07what was now just only addressed was of course
48:10Percent may perhaps some people not as an ox
48:13meet and I think it has
48:15may we have as a society say who lives here permanently with us
48:19would like
48:20make the new tenders
48:22but we wish then that a certain own efforts
48:26could come to
48:28To use this offer also in%
48:30I believe that some of his
48:32you want to use just as we imagine
48:35because we have to come up with a very hot Scheme
48:38and, of course, but there are also cases where percent of this sum of these offers
48:43might not be sufficiently utilized and I would
48:46we must also prohibit it in some places be more strict and
48:50then say there is no power so it goes
48:52then basically the same
48:53what goes for all those you have long life and we have to
48:56to those
48:57long living in Germany German people to the percentage might be
49:02because systems and abusing percent but then I do not have the same scale
49:06Image euphoria real crime she was never like this
49:10is quite alien to me
49:11but I have noted with great pleasure to note that Merkel in the
49:14Session is started is important only a year
49:17I am very insecure is okay EVault
49:21as they continue to enrich whitish ND yes like all the snacks and now
49:25it would
49:27They are now euros fallen quite thematically further than the initial question
49:31have made this now that I do since I would I would I
49:34they just love that we have the issue right now that is also
49:38really missing is a weighty contribution to the sport
49:41Also on Integration provides the consensus to include more
49:45MW project midnight sport and by twice and please tell us b
49:49as the dfb-team
49:50to promote entirely correct
49:54one percent of what did we succeed in stone to the true sense of the word
49:58the relegation play since such
50:01as an added value since the past five years about five years percent
50:04more sports to remind corr in Berlin plenary
50:08the focus Heesen and Ole we have every weekend to several hundred
50:13Young people from the street
50:14The special feature of this project is simply that the percentage is to
50:19the angels laid CMädchen between sporty and percent
50:23Percent of the repeat ten percent intensive educational work with the
50:27Young people and to
50:31important not only is the percentage of the road at the weekend attracted
50:34but he also real socio-percent
50:37one could Theology warned percent are young people come to terms with things
50:44percent yes but not only because education process sequence also lacks the Geert
50:49Addicks access to
50:50much to the labor market percent do much more and hear
50:55we do nothing more than that the media are going to offer the sport
50:59just to speak precisely these issues that affect them in everyday subjects who
51:03to discuss with us
51:04and how they really take the hand Jansen injured thousands perpetrators ago
51:08Reach young people
51:09and to
51:114 to I think
51:13the need to protest the tiger percent of mutual
51:17Process is
51:18to challenge and support on one side of the real
51:22but demanded obligations to fulfill all the conversations talking about
51:27a generation evaluated Skibbe generation of immigrants to
51:31the two young people
51:33with the feelings percent
51:35here grow up to be self-evident it is to be here and quickly
51:42Year but just this generation is that generation AMU confident 0
51:47From left when sorting a
51:50proclaim cultural cultural difference for themselves and my question to cell
51:54this point the unrecognized evil to the Chancellor
51:57what you consider percent in the area of ​​equal opportunities and percent
52:02and our of the simplified access to the labor market, particularly for
52:06these young people to
52:08Products of this company are percent
52:11Because I’m born and raised here
52:15simply apply a few times demands rethinking say
52:19the clammy its a cultural dimension as a cultural cent
52:24Iran is wrestling
52:26complaint are very proud that they want to complain or to the
52:31Farmers will the competition of the
52:34who so that these players is
52:37the generation of this generation backup and JAL retires forecloses
52:42partly due to the percentage of processes Jedi bit too
52:47So are homemade like this here in Berlin, especially in the compulsory
52:50Gentrification process to people I Ruppert also from the mid-
52:54instead of from the center of society already burdened percent quarter to Diaz
52:59has St
53:01Forced displacement and to have
53:04is precisely in such Piepenburg has been one and the same fate also
53:08Allison meeting room at the share price reaction to large percentage Issum
53:15since the integration deficits are what make all the potentiate the
53:19and I percent at Weinrich from the squad in this area
53:24to do the band work a year
53:27that must be percent just in such areas
53:32Labour Office, and as to their sports organizations percent
53:37So very, very closely, one would have to imagine that
53:41Percent then just maybe this Joder someone at AHS to Anita
53:45Klahn group goes around and then
53:48considering what can you do that you linked the contact to the economy
53:52and he thinks could now times from
53:54Countertops internship I think you can offer the talent only
53:59therefore must always look as I can each and every part somewhere
54:03Removals and heard from these
54:06solve many waste
54:07I must also make business employers courage to me again
54:11experience but my disappointment that they then might not a
54:14Successful experience so you have the very
54:16customize and often just enough
54:19not confess to the person from which to deal with it and then there are
54:22this word
54:23We pull back and reflect on one’s own group and say it has
54:26yes but no sense at all I picture is not taken seriously
54:30is essential for
54:31what is important to the final RW Damme St also just for the
54:34Diversification percent
54:36Percent believe it to integrate and heaters percent in sight
54:41productively contribute to society if you look you feel comfortable
54:45feels when one feels excluded when one has the feeling
54:48Percent just to belong to young people just need to feel
54:54to be associated via
54:56and to
54:58percent in four cases a stable version Padberg but I believe that
55:02the most important thing
55:04around and if there is still such a small step that is always a must
55:07Give years of achievement sport model is indeed also so gratifying
55:11for young people
55:12because they are just there to have something to do what common ground and
55:16a certain sense of achievement
55:18these items should go for it
55:20to basically depend on one’s own work and so on and so
55:24Create self-confidence and
55:26Data for
55:28now we must surely do more had the whole institution
55:31work now also a bar together
55:33also working to drive the social security office to volunteer percentage percent of the
55:38Companies and of course Berlin is also a city set on some bet
55:42because unemployment is so because there is more then of course
55:45of course even harder
55:46as for example in regions where many workers mad now
55:49be sought
55:50to provide young people with an opportunity to work and so far is
55:55actually on the key then to participate more
55:58Madam Chancellor, I feel very good
56:00that we have the long wait at the end of the broadcast percent of Mr. Miller
56:04were able to compensate to some extent, the Sunset in great detail with
56:07they could talk to him very well nonetheless does
56:09me mad sorry but I have to look at the clock with the remark that
56:14we would have accumulated long come to the end underframe fought now
56:17thinks that the hand could actually much longer then the
56:20certainly not a bad sign if he is a good sign that this
56:23Is continued discussion as well as the integration »more Malaga at
56:27Lama’s still 30 seconds then give the one thing
56:30You can alos majority catered
56:32they are the Chancellor when they ask if I did not own the
56:37God then if not a
56:41Oliver by my side
56:43and came
56:45yes of course it is now as percent Hermanns really difficult for me
56:48has been because I was a bit out of shape but I think important to
56:53that one percent of the entire integration process on an approximately two
56:58yes the hearts l maybe if you ease the hearts percent of it is
57:01percent where the heart is no longer up to the broken and I think to order
57:06Indications succeeds then
57:09Users have
57:11on one side you secure jammed initiative shows
57:16but on the other hand, efforts to an acceptance and a really
57:21honestly meant welcoming culture prevails and percent
57:24it is now
57:26We have a customer that also use Oracle Mining Inc francs next
57:31everything good and so lives far way
57:34Goalkeeper parliamentary elections would not question me again and finally
57:38all further Andermatt briefly HM Oh, do not work less at the beginning
57:42state or it was otherwise ask to tell me that what experiences
57:46it now with the water
57:47on this red round with Nemo, an employer should a certificate the
57:51Eberbach not only very tight short and sweet
57:55have received with thunderstorms
57:58the Philippines
58:01is a lack of communication of our society is
58:04themselves or customers by Chancellor
58:07the people or the German immigrant with an immigrant background
58:09be communicated outside German first
58:15next Moneybookers
58:17of the Bethe
58:18Jenny humans more easily note that the German Ariane society
58:22Also developed the mentality Fluent and loans still on the list
58:26League is
58:29Nina Hoger is
58:31Wichniarek left set all days
58:36Barenboim had not far to the basket company I want it that
58:41is actually rather given in terms of initiatives took midnight
58:45it said it continued to decline since the fools have indicated yuan protest
58:53he has at the end of river water is cooled
58:56So I connect them Anaheim percent
58:59how much clock 3
59:01and that they
59:06May have some worry
59:10Ars already in
59:12yes but I think that a well-filled hall d
59:16applied across NTT encounter between people who were born here and
59:20People who come to us
59:23for whatever reason
59:25can function
59:26a real savings for integration is most certainly not give
59:32of our customers even more demanding
59:35I have attempted to have my hair once while now from today
59:38Round Erich take 11 percent off
59:40including Pichlarn that the percent that this is what all of our list
59:45We would always
59:46that the right-hand side, we have to be careful that we are not too bureaucratic
59:50are certain things but that is a few percent and also go fast
59:55not worth even more work for all the in the
59:58Integration range Vitus tours so much more detail
60:03m supporters think again should I get his inhibitions
60:07overcome everyone should trust a few also to be involved and entered this
60:11Idea Partnerschaftsverein they take me very well today the military
60:15you also normally to
60:17pursue and consider what we can do there yet
60:20I thank them for these closing words, “We are already over
60:22the moment but I think that was worth it in any case thank you all
60:25Want participants undertook Barnes Group

This is a machine generated transcript so it may not be perfect but it will give an idea of what they are talking about.

One more great example of how leaders around the world using hangouts (to have real face to face communication) to connect with their citizens. Enjoy!

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