CNN Using Google Plus Hangouts to Get in Touch With Cnn Viewers Overseas in Realtime!

Over the days we are covering about google plus hangouts and yesterday we talked about google webmaster live hours on…

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Google Webmaster Central Hosting Live Office Hours Using Google+ Hangouts – Next Generation Interaction With Customers?

We have shared news about one of the cool unique google plus social network feature google+ hangouts and also wrote about…

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Celebrities on Google Plus With Verification Badges / Verified Profile Names

Yesterday we wrote a post about the launch of google+ verified profiles or verification badges. Today we’ve identified few celebrities…

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Hangout From Youtube and Watch Videos With Your Friends or Family Straight From Any Youtube Video

When google plus launched, it came with a cool new feature called hangouts. Besides a group video chat, within hangouts…

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Longest Running Google Plus Hangout Marathon and It’s Still Going After 27 Days!!

We have covered in detail about google plus hangout in an earliest post. In this post we’ll talk about a…


What Is a Google Plus Hangout (Video Group Chat)?

Google plus hangout is a innovative and unique feature of google+ social network. There exists no such feature in any…


Filling My Circles

Well, I did it.  I held my breath, logged into Facebook after a year and a half and was inundated…


Google+ Hangouts Video – Talk, Group Chat With Video Anywhere in the World

Hangout with people anywhere in the world with the convenient of staying wherever you are

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