Google Honors Grace Hopper Creator of Cobol Programming Language With Doodle

If you visit Google Home page today in the U.S, you’ll be greeted with a Grace Hopper Google Doodle honoring…

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Google Thanksgiving 2013 Doodle Video

Checkout this riddle and Thanksgiving 2013 Doodle video released by Google.


Checkout Doctor Who Google Doodle Today

Google today honors the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Who British TV Series with a Doctor Who Doodle, a nice treat…

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Google Doodle Today Features Rorschach’s Inkblot Test

Google’s doodle today features an interactive Rorschach inkblot test remembering Hermann Rorschach, an Swiss Freudian psychiatrist and psychoanalyst.


Digital Google Doodle Today Honoring ‘Human Computer’

If you happen to visit Google home page today you might have been greeted with a Digital font version of…


Checkout Google Parachute Jump Doodle Today!

If you visit Google Search Engine Today (in the U.S at you’ll be greeted with a nice Parachute Animation…

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