Is Chromecast So Popular? Checkout These Crazy Prices on Amazon and eBay

Google chromecast sold out in no time due to its price (just $35), simplicity and gets the job done i.e. watching online streaming content on your HDTV.

Now Play Store is accepting orders for chromecast but it may take 3 – 4 weeks before the device is shipped to you. Meanwhile as the word gets out, some people are taking advantage of this opportunity and selling this device for higher prices.

Here is some of the prices we found on Amazon and eBay.

On eBay an AD shows 25pack for $1323,75 that is around $53 a piece

Chromecast with crazy prices on eBay

On Amazon a seller has listed for $199 + shipping. We found in the range of $53 to $199.

Chromecast listed with Crazy prices on Amazon

We didn’t post any links to these pages on purpose (we discourage buying at such an high price) and our best advise for anyone planning to buy chromecast is to order it directly with Google, Amazon or any Google Authorized resellers for $35 (as announced by Google) instead of paying such a higher price.

We are pretty sure Google took note of the demand and would produce in large volume to take care of the situation.

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