How to Use Your Google Plus Account More Efficiently?

To use your Google account more conveniently while ensuring optimum security, you must follow these useful tips:

Are you tired of Google Plus e-mail notifications?

It’s quite irritating, as more you comment on some post and more you get e-mail notifications in your inbox. You need some sort of adjustment, which can relieve you from such a clutter of e-mails in your Google Plus account.

Now, all you have to do is to visit the settings page of your Google Account. You can go to the settings page by clicking on the option, which is available next to your image on the top. After clicking on “Account Settings,” you will find “Google Plus” at the left side of your account page. Similarly, you can check out your spam settings and change them accordingly.

Want to hide comments on your profile?

If you don’t want to have long comments on your profile, then you can hide them easily by following these easy steps:

  • First of all, you have to login to your Google Plus account and after login, you can open your profile tab, which relates to the post stream
  • At the top right side of your post, you can see a smile icon, which is of a triangle shape. Just click it to expend
  • Once you have expended the small triangle shape button, click on the option, “Disable Comments.” This will automatically stop your selected post(s)
  • Similarly, if you want to enable comments, then you can do it through the same procedure by simply selecting “Enable Comments” option

How to avoid “sharing comments”

It’s nice and easy to separate your comments from those whom you don’t want to share anything. You can practically do it by clicking the “Disable Re-sharing” option in the upper right corner of the post. It’s quite simple to make your comments more secure, if you think there are some elements that can spread some wrong information in your own social circles.
It might be possible that some of your comments may hurt someone’s feelings. To avoid such “collateral damage,” you can use disable comment feature.

Save yourself from fake invites

There are different “interest groups” who are well-organized and ruining up this new born baby among other social networking sites. Google has seen a lot of successes in a very short time, as 20 million users are there on Google Plus, but at the same time, there are exploiters as well.

There are different cases reported where people got some fake invites, which were imitated perfectly and look like a Google invite.

How you going to save yourself?

Not a bad idea to check the sender of the e-mail. You have to verify whether it’s sent by Google or some other poster. You can check it by confirming the address of the sender. If it is a valid Google address, then you can easily click on it, but if you think it is a setup or a trap, then avoid clicking it. Beware that fake Google invites are spreading like mushrooms around the internet hubs. Keep yourself safe and make sure that you click it after verifying the original source.

Play with field sharing settings

Even if, you are not in favor of sharing from your basic fields, Google will allow you to edit your account and privacy settings. You can click on “Google Account Profile and Privacy Settings” to edit your visibility on the profile. Hence, you can also click on the individual profile fields to determine whether you want to public them or not. If you don’t like to public your profile’s field sharing, then use the command and secure your field sharing status.

Use “Spark” for sharing new things

Spark is an interesting feature of Google Plus account, as this innovation can let you get Google alerts on your account. You can also share this information with other users of Google Plus by just clicking once. You can use the spark feature and share new and interesting things within your circle of friends and family.

Remember, there is no need to copy the link and share it, as you do on Facebook. Here, you just have to click the link and this one click will share the information with all of your Google Plus friends.

Photo security on Google Plus

Don’t forget that if you want to share some photo with some user, then you are sharing your whole album with him. If you are aware of it, let it go like this, because there is no way to disable re-sharing of those photos, which are tagged. So, it’s better to make your album sensibly and add only those photos, which may not become a serious threat for you.

So, next time when you tag someone, you will be comfortable enough to share the whole album with him. It is fine to make an album where your images are not included, otherwise don’t take photos from your personal album. Isn’t it attention-grabbing?

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