The maker movement white house hangout

‘The Maker Movement’ White House Hangout Tomorrow March 28th!

White House is hosting a Google+ hangout tomorrow to discuss The Maker Movement with leading innovators and creators from around…

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nbc news hangout video

NBC News Coverage About How Google+ Hangout Is Changing People’s Lives [Video]!

Watch this NBC news coverage video that features how Google+ hangouts is helping and changing people’s lives. See through the…

vice president google+ hangout jan 24th 2013

Join Vice President Joe Biden on White House Fireside Hangouts Tomorrow!

This week, the White House will continue a series of conversations with top administration officials on Google+.

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who wants to be a millionaire video group chat

Hangouts Question Asked in ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ TV Show

Who wants to be a millionaire is a popular show in the US, UK and many other countries around the…

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Google+ hangout invitation from Columbian president

Mr. Juan Manuel Santos President of Columbia Invites for an Google+ Hangout [Video]

We’ve shared many posts earlier about world leaders reaching out to their citizens, followers and the public using popular Google+…

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Conan o'brien on google+ hangouts on air today

Meet Conan O’Brien on Google+ Hangouts on Air Today 8th May 2012 Starting in Few Minutes!

Do you love Conan O’brien the comedian and the late night talk show host? Then today is your chance to…

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How to enable hangouts on air in google+

Hangouts on Air the Broadcast Live Feature Now Released for All Google+ Users in 40 Countries!

Most of us use Google+ hangouts pretty much everyday and really enjoy it. A great face to face communication feature…

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