Mr. Juan Manuel Santos President of Columbia Invites for an Google+ Hangout [Video]

We’ve shared many posts earlier about world leaders reaching out to their citizens, followers and the public using popular Google+ feature Hangouts (or Hangouts on Air).

US President Obama, UN Secretary General Ban ki moon, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razack, etc to name a few.

Here is a Video invitation (for Colombian nationals) from President of Columbia, Juan Manuel Santos for a Google+ hangout on January 18th 2013 @ 9.00 am.

Hangout can be reached via their Presidencia de la República – Colombia Google+ page.

Transcript of the video in english (Autogenerated by youtube captions, Unedited)

Colombian kids, Today I want to make a very special invitation our first goal bush jano on Friday January 18 we will take through google plus platform four Colombians are conquering the world we will share with them the ideas and dreams we have about the country we want to build between all and for all. I will also share with you the work we are doing from the government itself for Colombians to exploit their talents and construct their full lives because we believe that successful Tories kiss as we will see hopefully be the daily bread of our country I invite invite to meet Friday at nine o’clock to have a conversation about the country we dream join us join us through the website of the presidency or our official channels Singul examples youtube there we.

Although this hangout is specifically to address Colombian nationals, everyone should check it out to know more about how Google+ hangouts is changing the world one hangout at a time.

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