A Video Story About Same Sex Marriage via Google+ Hangouts in France!

This is a video story about a same-sex couple who met in 1976 and living together for over 40 years but unfortunately couldn’t marry because same-sex marriage is illegal in france.

An association called “Together for equality” came up with this interesting idea of using Google+ hangouts to help gay couples in france get married via hangout with a Mayor in Belgium where same-sex marriage is law and legal.

Same-sex marriage via hangouts video

More details in english about the video (according to the association)

Google +’s technologies can change people’s lives and help society progress. We promoted Google +’s most iconic & differentiating feature, Google Hangouts : a unique technology allowing 10 people to be on a video call simultaneously.

We wanted to put Google +’s hangouts at the service of a greater cause – the most debated issue in France at the time: same-sex marriage.

We partnered with the association “Tous Unis Pour l’Egalité” and created the first social same-sex marriage.

We made it possible for French gay couples to get married in France via Hangout, with a Mayor from Belgium where same-sex marriage is law. The ceremony was witnessed online by family and friends and broadcasted live on YouTube for the whole world to see.

These first social same-sex weddings gave a new venue for thousands of French gay couples to be heard and to speak out about their rights. We helped the debate progress in France by giving a voice to the many supporters of marriage equality.

Since we did this operation, the law is passed in France. It’s now possible for same-sex couples to marry in France. But we still have a long way to go as we take this initiative further than France. If your country is still deliberating the Bill and the Law is not yet passed, please be in touch with us : [email protected]
and we will marry you, from France, live on the Internet via Google Hangouts.

While we may have different views and opinion about same-sex marriage, this is a great story that shows how technology can change people’s lives and help society progress in their own way.

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