Interview Mr. President Barack Obama on Google+ Hangout : Prepare and Submit Your Questions!

Remember we shared news about president Barack Obama joining Google+. While that post we mentioned it would be cool to meet him on a Google+ hangout! Now that moment has finally arrived.

President Barack Obama on Google+ Hangout

Interview President Obama on Google+ hangout

Interview President Obama on Google+ hangout


January 30th 2012, 5:30 PM ET (Keep checking White House YouTube channel for updated information)


Google+ hangout / YouTube Live stream

How to ask a Question?

Now through January 28th, you can submit Video or Text questions on White House YouTube channel

Selection Process?

Your videos or questions gets voted by others. The top rated questions get picked up and will be answered by Mr. President. (Also vote on your favorite questions posted by others)

And several participants of selected questions will be invited for Google+ hangout to meet Mr. President online

Here is the summary of You Tube blog post

On Monday, January 30, a few days after delivering his State of the Union address to the nation, President Obama will answer a selection of top-voted questions you’ve submitted in a live-streamed interview. Starting today through January 28, you can visit the White House YouTube channel to submit your video and text questions and vote on your favorites. Your YouTube questions will drive the interview, and several participants with top-voted questions will be selected to join the President in the Google+ Hangout to take part in the conversation live.

One more great example how Google+ hangout is changing the way we interact online.


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