Android Device Manager Released: Now Remotely Control Your Android Phone to Scream at Full Volume, Locate via Map in Real Time or Wipe Device Completely!

Android Device Manager is rolling out as part of Google Play Services update. Just update or install play services app and device manager feature will be available within android settings.

Here is the link to Install or Update Google Play Services app from Play Store. For some reason play store on the web or play store app on android doesn’t return this app when searched for Google Play Services.

Locating a Android Device through Google Maps in ADM

Once Google Play Services app is Installed or Updated, please follow these simple steps to activate Android Device Manager (ADM).

1. Goto Android Settings

Android Settings

2. Touch Security


3. Touch Device Administrators

Android->Security->Device Administrators

4. Check the Android Device Manager checkbox

Android -> Security -> Android Device Manager setting

5. You’ll be prompted to confirm Activate Device Manager, Touch Activate

Activate android security manager

6. Now Device Manager is Activated

Android Device Manager activated in settings

7. You’re done with activating the android device manager.

Your Google Play Store app should show Build version 4.3.10 in order to use the above steps. If Play Services app is not available to you or Play Store still showing older version, most likely ADM is not yet available to your Google Account. So, please be patient and it should be available in next few days (Since they are rolling out in stages)

Android Play Store App Version 4.3.10

Now If you misplace your android phone, lose your device or even your phone is stolen, you’ll be able to remotely sound the phone at full volume even if volume is off(easy to find if somewhere near you), locate the phone via Google Maps in real time or if none of the options work, safely wipe / format your  device from the convenience of your home (prevents your personal data from falling into wrong hands).

Once this ADM feature is activated(via steps above), your part of work is done. Google still hasn’t released the Device Manager app that controls the device by showing phone location over a map, option to wipe device, etc.. We’ll update as soon as it is available. Most likely this could be a web based service probably part of play store or could be another android app that you can use from a different device. Not much information available at the moment.

If you recall, Apple already provides find my iPhone app  to control iOS devices with similar features. With the introduction of ADM, Google closed one of the most sought feature gap for android phones (in terms of security) that’ll make users feel more safe and secure.

Please share us your experience of getting ADM activated on your android device through Google+ comments below.

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