Nexus 4 Android Smartphone $100 OFF on Google Play Store!

Google Play Store is selling the powerful LG Nexus 4 Android Smartphone for an even lower price i.e $100 OFF the original price.

This looks like a Labor Day deal although there is no mention of it. So you may have to grab one quickly before it is gone.

Nexus 4 Android Smartphone $100 Off in Google Play Store

Why buy through Google Play Store? You pay for the device and you get the device that’s it. There is NO contract (Yes you heard it right. You have the freedom to choose your own carrier or even use pre-paid wireless account)

Click here to goto Play Store to see more details.

This is a powerful android phone that has everything that you’ll expect in a smartphone and on top of that you’ll be one of  the first to receive Android updates when available. So, if you are looking for an Android Smartphone you must check this out first.

Note: Nexus 4 8GB version is already SOLD OUT, but the Nexus 16 GB is still available.

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