How to Find Live Hangout Parties in Google+?

Google+ today onwards rolls out a new feature that allows to find, discover and join Live Google+ Hangout Parties.

Here is how to find or join live hangout parties


How to discover Live Hangout Parties in Google Plus? [Image: Google+]


– Within the Hangouts side bar you’ll see a set of invites for video parties you can join.

– You’ll see invitations for those that you have been invited to and public ones from people you have circled.

– If you click any of the invitations you’ll join the video party.

– You’ll see a link to see the full set of search results of other live video parties to join.

Create your own by clicking “Start a party” or visiting

Thanks to Jordanna Chord of Google+ team for sharing this guide.

This update is rolling out slowly so please be patient if you don’t see it right away. If you already notice this change, please try it out and share your thoughts through Google+ Comments.

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