How to Disable Face Tagging (Aka Find My Face) in Google+?

Find my Face or face tagging is a feature that prompts to tag people  in photos and videos (makes photos and videos more social). When your face is tagged, Google+ stores your face model and helps identifying you in photos and videos.

But you may decide not to get tagged or annoyed by prompts and want this feature completely turned off.

Luckily Google+ offers couple of ways to disable face tagging.

1. From Google+ profile under photo tab

Click on Profile icon in the left and click on the blue Edit profile button on the top, Select the Photos tab and Uncheck Find my face in photos and videos and prompt people i know to tag me option.

turn off face tagging in google+ via profile

Disable face tagging from Google+ profile

2. Turn off via account settings

Click on the Gears icon on the right and select the Settings option, scroll down until Photos section and Uncheck Find my face in photos and videos and prompt people i know to tag me option.

disable find my face option in G+

Disable Google+ face tagging or find my face option via account settings


Some points to note
  • By default this feature is turned off (unless you manually turn it on you or your friends won’t be prompted to tag you)
  • When this feature is turned off, your Google+ face model stored will be removed
  • However Tag names already stored won’t be deleted (it should be manually deleted through Photo’s of you section)
  • When disabled, your friends or circles won’t be prompted to tag you

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