Facebook Says Google Plus Has No Users Hence Charging 5% for Games, Hilarious!!

Google plus social games was launched exactly a month ago and right after that we also published our google plus gaming review.

In addition to that our valuable readers also shared their comments about how they loved google plus social games.

Similarly we also broke the news that google plus reached 25 million users and being the fastest growing social network (Google+ is still in trial mode and not yet opened for public signup). All these great news about google+ has grabbed the attention of other social networks.

Recently in a press conference, Facebook director of game partnerships, Sean Ryan has shared his view about google plus and it social games offering.

Here are some of the points he has mentioned

  • One of the comment was, google charges 5% for game developers (facebook charges 30%) since they don’t have any users, which is hilarious
  • Google has emulated aspects of our system, which is what they have the right to do
  • He also made comparison of google plus games to facebook games – comparing McDonald’s offering premium coffee by competing with Starbucks. The matter of fact was McDonald’s faired well in their entry into the coffee market. Somehow he meant to say Google+ games will have the same success as McDonald’s coffee success? We think he got it right.
One thing is for sure, the competition is heating up. Facebook has made so many drastic changes in the last two months to keep their user base.

Healthy competition is always good which in turn lead to innovation which creates great products and at end consumers get great choices to choose from. Consumers are the winners!!


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