Google Maps Goes Social on Google+, Share Any Location From Maps With Your Circles or Friends!!

Google has been rolling out feature after feature almost everyday. More than the features almost every google product is getting a social touch. The latest addition to this is list is Google Maps (one of the most widely used product in google’s product line).

Let’s say you are organizing a trip / picnic with your friends to space needle in Seattle, WA. What we normally do is, fire up the browser, goto, search for space needle, Seattle WA and send the link individually by email to all the participants. Now each of the participants have to remember the email, click on the link and get details from google maps (or they have to do the search themselves). Other than sending through email, there is no easy way to share this location.

With the introduction of this new feature i.e Sharing a map location straight from the Google+ bar, followed by adding individual members or circles along with a customized message makes the job of sharing a location smarter and easier.

In this following image, we are searching for space needle on google maps…

Searching for a place in Google Maps

Searching for a place in Google Maps

Once Google maps shows the result, click on the Share link on the top right in your Google+ bar, Google+ will automatically popular the post with the location information and gives you the option of a customized message along with choosing a friend or a circle. (Refer the following image)

Share a location on Google+

Share a location on Google+

We feel this as a great addition to Google+ and Google Maps, definitely everyone will love it.

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