Google Reader Is Going Social With the Integration of Google+ : Share Best Feeds With Your Circles!!

Google reader is one of the most widely used google product.  It is a great tool to consolidate, read and share all the interesting sites and blogs you find on the web.

Recently if you have noticed, google is introducing brand new design changes to pretty much all of their popular products. In addition to that since the launch of Google+ social network, every google product is getting social touch and google+ integration.

What other product that fits more natural for social/google+ integration than the Google reader? (Google+ integration of google reader is one of the most sought after feature by users)

And the time has now arrived, Google has announced that Google Reader is getting a face lift and a rich Google+ integration.

Here is a quick list of google reader changes

  • Changes are rolling out next week
  • Design changes with a whole new look
  • Access google reader social features within Google+
  • Tight integration with Google+, share best feed items with your circles or google+ users

Right now, do you want to post to Google+ from reader?, here is how to share or post to Google+ right from Google reader?

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