How to Post Emojis on Bluesky Social Network?

Bluesky is a new text based and growing social network and one of the common questions is How to post emojis on bluesky social?

Since its a textual network, emojis may definitely help add more visual ques to the message and no doubt it’ll be visually appealing than just expressing in pure text.

You may already know how a new post popup window looks. Anyway we are including a screenshot of a new post screen on bluesky. As you noticed you have a spot for typing the content and also selecting a image but there is no way to pick an emoji to include in the post, don’t worry you can still include emoji and we’ll explain how to right below

Bluesky New Post Screen

How to post emojis on bluesky social?

To post emojis on bluesky all you do is the following:

If you’re on Mac based operating system

Press keys Control, Command & SPACE bar at the same time, an emoji window will pop up and you can double click to include an emoji in your post

How to select emoji in bluesky social?

If you’re on a Windows based operating system

Press Windows & Period (.) keys together, an emoji window will pop up and you can double click to include an emoji in your post

The above instructions apply for Bluesky web i.e using bluesky on the browser. Also its worth noting that Bluesky is also available on mobile platforms for both Android and iOS devices.

You can download the apps on Google play store and Apple app store respectively. The good news for emojis on smartphone is, on mobile devices i.e both on android and iOS the keyboard already includes option to select and include an emoji while posting on the social network.

Not on bluesky social and looking to join the growing network? Here is how to get an bluesky social invite code?

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