Bye to Google+ Bar or Sandbar Replaced With Brand New Google+ Menu!

If you have used any of the Google products then you must have seen or used the Google+ bar a.k.a Google+ sandbar. It is the dark grey bar that you see pretty much top of any of google’s products (search, gmail, docs, etc).

As part of the next level of re-design and to save highly visible space on the top, old Google+ bar is bye bye gone and replaced  with new OS like Google+ menu (still the top panel referred as Google+ bar, a light grey bar in the same level as Google’s logo and launched by clicking drop down icon next to the google logo), a google search box, google+ notifications, google+ share button followed by your profile picture. Drop down next to profile picture will take you to your account settings.

It is really cool, easy to use and saves some valuable space on the top.

New Google+ menu on google search page

Google+ menu on the search page

Google+ menu on the search page (Courtesy: Google)

New Google+ menu with search, share and notifications on top of other Google products

Google+ menu search share and notifications

Google+ menu search share and notifications (Courtesy: Google)

Quick video showing the new Google+ bar

We haven’t noticed changes to our accounts yet and it’s still showing the old Google+ bar. At this time no time frame was given by google of when this change will be seen across the board. If you see change in your account, please share through comments below.


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  1. Anonymous

    I was using the “old” version when it just changed to this new version after hitting refresh earlier today. It looks great. However everytime I go to the google homepage now, the text cursor disappears on the google search bar and the Google+ menu pops out. It undermines efficiency because I keep having to click onto the search bar instead of being able to instantly type. Minute detail, but I wish the Google+ menu didn’t keep popping out everytime I Google.

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