Hangout Captions a New Hangout App Provides Live Transcription Services and Improves Accessibility

Google+ has released a new hangout app called Hangout captions that provides live transcription services inside your google+ hangout.

This would improve accessibility for participants who are deaf, hard time of hearing or even to people who have a different accent or slang to catch up during an hangout conversation.

hangout captions app install

Hangout captions hangout app on Google+

How to install hangout captions app?

Click here to install the app or visit and click on the g+ hangout red button (on the top right) to install the app.

Once installed the app is always there and can be launched by clicking the Hangouts captions button on the top of your hangout window (just next to screen share button).

Nice documentation about how to use the app is available here.

Hangout captions app features

  • Realtime transcription for best accessibility (transcribes as the conversation happens)
  • Caption enhanced realtime view
  • Ease of use (just install the app)
  • Supports live transcription from StreamText (needs account with them)
  • Supports keyboard local transcription (select the Basic keyboard option as mentioned in image above) and you could start transcribing as participants speak

This app brings hangouts experience to more participants who couldn’t use or enjoy hangouts before. Great addition to the hangouts experience.

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