How to Edit a Google+ Post or Comment After Publishing?

Something (it may be an idea, interesting story, review or even a question) comes to our mind and we quickly write and share / ask with our google+ circles or the public.

Due to time limitations we quickly write, share and continue our day to day work. Later we realize that this could have been written in a much better way or may be you want to add more details to it.

Normally social networks once you wrote and publish doesn’t allow to edit or make changes (other than deleting it altogether). You may have to write another post or comment explaining the correction.

Fortunately Google+ is different and got you covered. Yep, you can edit any posts or comments that you wrote even after publishing.

Make changes to a post after publishing

Editing a google+ post

Editing a post

  • Goto the post you want to edit
  • Click on the drop down icon (as highlighted in the image)
  • Click on the Edit this post in the menu
  • Make changes and click on the Save button (or click cancel to ignore the changes)
Make changes to a g+ comment

Editing a comment

Editing a comment

  • Goto the comment you want to edit
  • Click on the Edit link just above the comment (You’ll find a edit link if logged in user matches with the commenter)
  • Make changes and click on the Save button
Changed status appear with timestamp on a post

Edited status of a google+ post

If you have made any changes and saved it, an edited indicator will appear in the top. Hovering over it will give details about edited and published date and time in a tooltip.

Lot’s of Google+ users were not aware of this edit feature and hence this post to shed some light on it.

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