Angry Birds Google+ College Challenge

Want to Be a 2011 Angry Birds College Champion? Here Is Your Challenge!

Google+ social games launched few months ago along with around 16 games.  With the recent addition of another 7 new…

Shadow fight game in Google+

7 More New Social Games Added to Google+ : Serious Gamers Gonna Love It!

Social games are essential part of any social network. From a user standpoint, games help improve fun, competitiveness and socializing aspect…

Mafia Wars2 Game

5 New Google+ Games Added – Raising Total to 21 Social Games Now!

Google+ social games was launched in August 2011 with a limited set of games from Zynga, Rovia and other leading game…

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Facebook Says Google Plus Has No Users Hence Charging 5% for Games, Hilarious!!

Google plus social games was launched exactly a month ago and right after that we also published our google plus…

Google plus game leaderboard

Google Plus Social Games Is Awesome, Done the Right Way!

Have you tried games on google plus? Give it a shot (once enabled for you), it is awesome.

Message when google plus games not enabled

Google Plus Games Is Launched – Enabled in Phases for Google Plus Users!

You love games and missing that feature in google plus? Your wait is over and google has answered game lovers.