5 Quick and Useful Google Search Commands

Here is a list of 5 Google search commands to quickly find current event times, calculator, ip address, current time and weather.


Want to know what time superbowl starts (in local time), who is playing vs who, stadium, location, etc.? just type superbowl time in google search

Here is a sample quick card view filled with NFL Super Bowl XLVIII information (for 2014)

What time does NFL SuperBowl XLVIII Starts? Find event times through Google

You may replace this with other events to find event times for e.g. olympics time


Want an Quick Calculator without installing any software? Just type calculator in Google search and you’ll get this powerful calculator that even includes some advanced scientific functions

Google Calculator by typing command calculator in Google Search


Want to quickly find your public ip address? Just type command what is my ip address in Google search and instantly find your public ipaddress

What is my public ip address? Find quickly on Google Search


Want to quickly find current local time? This one comes handy when you are traveling and want to get current local time (without going through system setting changes in mobile or desktop), just type time in Google search

Quickly find current local time in Google Search


Want to quickly find current local weather? This one too comes handy while you are traveling. Just type weather and Google provides local weather details in  a nice card view.

Find Local Weather through weather command on Google Search

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