Collapse Google+ Posts in Your Stream, Hide Comments and Many More, G+Me a Cool Extension That Does It for You!!

Are you a google+ user and follow a quite a lot of people especially popular one’s on google+? Then there is a greater chance of your incoming stream gets ton of posts which gets messier as you get more.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a thread view with all posts collapsed? Unfortunately google plus by default doesn’t have that feature implemented yet. They have ton of other things to do 🙂 But that doesn’t stop others from doing it.

We have tried this nice google chrome web browser extension called G+me which is freely available on chrome web store. One of the nice thing it does is, collapses the incoming stream of posts into nicely threaded view (refer image below).

Google Plus Stream Collapsed View

Google Plus Stream Collapsed View

Besides collapsing there many other features this extensions provides

  • Notification status visible at all times
  • Collapsible posts & comments
  • Real-time comment count on collapsed items
  • Mark posts & comments as read
  • 2 modes: Expanded + List (which keeps at most one post displayed)
  • Mouse-over instant preview on comments with count
  • Thumbnails & attachment icons in collapsed summaries
  • Buttons: collapse/expand all, mark all as read
  • Keyboard shortcuts, including mute

To customize G+me to your needs, right click on the G+me icon next to the chrome settings icon (wrench icon) and choose options (refer image below). In the following screen you’ll be provided options to configure pages, navigation besides other information about compatibility and privacy.

G+me Options and Settings

G+me Options and Settings

We also want to warn you about the slowness in using Google+ after installing this extension (author asks to disable other g+ extensions and also ready to help with fixes) as well as the permissions required to use it (According to chrome web store)

This extension can access:

  • Your data on
  • Your tabs and browsing activity
Another point to note is, this extension is only available for google chrome browser. If you are using any other browsers you are out of luck.

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