Google+ Notifications, +1 Button and Quick Sharing Google Chrome Extensions Released!

Are you a Google+ power user? Then you might be seeing a lot of google+ notifications based on your google+ activities and notification settings.

But one little inconvenience; in order to see your notifications you need to keep Google+ ( always opened in your chrome or any browser window since notifications appear on the Google+ bar (which is part of the Google+ or any google product). Wouldn’t it be nice to see notifications irrespective of you are inside Google+ or not? Don’t worry, Google+ chrome extension for notifications comes to the rescue.

If you are a Google Chrome browser user, then just goto this Google+ features in chrome browser page and click on the ADD TO CHROME button just next to the Google+ notifications.

Google+ notifications for chrome extensions will be quickly installed into your chrome browser and thereafter notifications will start to appear irrespective you are inside Google+ or not.

Google+ notification extension for Chrome

Google+ notification extension for Chrome

Whenever notifications are received, color changes to orange with count indicating number of notifications. Click on the notifications count (orange box with number) and instantly see all the recent notifications(irrespective of whichever site you are in).

Do you share a lot of interesting content you read online? Since not every site supports or added +1 button, you need to go the extra step of copying the URL and share it on Google+. Luckily Google+ team has released another google chrome extension called Google +1 Button for Chrome. You’ll find this extension at the same page as above. Click on the ADD TO CHROME button and once the extension installed, you’ll be able to +1 any site or web page irrespective of that site supports +1 or not.

Google +1 button chrome extension

Google +1 button chrome extension

Some of the features of this extension

  • This extension allows you to one click +1 any webpage or site
  • It shows the total count of +1’s by all other users (shows current popularity)
  • Clicking on it allows you to share current page with your friends or google+ circles

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