Share Your Google+ Posts With Other Social Networks and Sites : Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Stumbleupon and More!

Quite a lot of active content creators have chosen Google+ as their main platform due to its powerful features like circles, hangouts, etc., They write their original content, share other useful links, etc., here on Google+.

Well the problem is, prior to joining G+, these authors might have used many other platforms for ex. facebook, twitter, linkedin, stumble upon, etc to name a few and they used to have a large follower base over there.

It may not be practically possible at least for now to migrate all of them to G+.  Some might have already migrated, some consider switching and others may be waiting to see more people on Google+ (for those waiting, here is the news: G+ already has over 170 million total users with over 100 million active users as of march 2012).

As a content writer you don’t want to miss any of your audience. You might have seen and used the +1 button and the newly introduced google+ share button on pretty much all sites on the web. Just a click and it instantly allows you to share any content to Google+.

But unfortunately the reverse is not possible i.e sharing content from Google+ to the rest of the web just with click of a button. However you could click on the down arrow next to any post and choose link to this post and get the link or url of that post. You could copy this link and manually share this anywhere on the web. You might already be doing manual submission to all these other networks and bookmarking sites.

Here is the good news, now there is cool chrome extension written by +Mohamed Mansour (A constant contributor to the chromium browser and author of many extensions) called Extended Share for Google Plus and it’s readily available on chrome web store.

Share your Google+ post to other networks

Share your Google+ post to other networks

This extension when installed, quickly adds a large list of popular networks and bookmarking sites to your G+ share button right below every Google+ post (refer image above). Just click on the down arrow next to the G+ share button as highlighted and you’ll find a flyover appear right below it with icons of individual networks.

As of this writing, this extension supports sharing to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Identica, Posterous, Reddit,, hyves, Netvibes, Technorati, StumbleUpon, Yahoo bookmarks, Google blogger, Digg, Google bookmarks, AddThis, Live Journal and Email.

You could click on the options and configure your favorite networks and social bookmarking sites.

We want to end this with a warning. Even though this is a cool and very useful extension, we want to warn that since this is a unofficial 3rd party extension if google makes any major change (like the recent G+ major redesign) there is a larger chance of extension stop working or mess up the layout. Mohamed Mansour is a active developer of the extension and he might fix and release an updated version but there could be a delay before a fixed version. Just want to make sure users are aware of the issue.

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