Filter Incoming Stream Posts in Google+ by Keywords

Are you having a lots of friends in Google+ or are you following quite a lot of people in Google+? Then there is a great chance of getting your incoming stream messier and hard to read or follow posts that are shared.

Your question might be, How to filter these posts by keyword or something so that you only listen to what you are interested. Here is a extension called Stream Filter for Google+ to the rescue. It’s free and available on the google chrome web store.

One of the cool feature that this extension offers is, filtering out incoming google+ posts by keywords.

Here are some of the functionalities Stream Filter Google+ extension offers,

  • Ability to filter in and out keywords from your stream.
  • Ability to filter out animated gif images from your stream. You can freeze them too!
  • Quickly view what has been filtered in the popup. List will be purged, not persistent.
Here is a screenshot of how to configure the filter for the keyword “photography”
Stream Filter Options by Keyword

Stream Filter Options by Keyword

Filtered inbox for the keyword “Photography”

Inbox of Filtered posts by keyword

Inbox of Filtered posts by keyword

These extensions are cool, however we also want to highlight some of the warnings before using them

  • According to chrome web store, This extension can access Your data on
  • These extensions may or may not slowdown your use of Google+
  • Extensions could break if google makes changes to it’s Google+ interface
  • This extension is only available for Google Chrome browser
Overall they enhance the functionality of Google+ and very helpful.

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