Donate to Fight Ebola and Google Will Match 2 Times Your Donation!

Google along with Larry Page’s family foundation has kicked off a campaign to raise funds to fight the Ebola crisis in Africa and around the World.

Larry Page’s family foundation has already announced  $25 million dollars contribution toward this effort. In order to encourage everyones participation Google is also spending another $7.5 million by matching your contribution by 2 times.

So if you donate $1, Google will match with $2 and a total of $3 will go into the fight towards the Ebola crisis. ($1 is just and example and you can contribute as much you like)

Fight Ebola with Donation
Fight Ebola with Donation and Google matches your donation 2 times.

If you happen to visit Google News today, you’ll see a black bar (refer image) appearing in the top with Donate Now button or you can visit directly the Google OneToday donation page to make your donation.

Please join us by making your own contribution and help spread the word about this donation effort, Thank you.

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