Beware! Scammers Sending GoDaddy Domain Renewal Invoice Through Paypal

Are you a domain owner or investor? Then watch carefully your email inbox that is listed as an administrative email contact for your domain.

Domain Owners Beware! A new type of scam is targeting domain owners where online scammers are timing domain renewal period to send you a scammed invoice via Paypal pretending to be from GoDaddy.


Scammers GoDaddy Invoice from Paypal

Beware! New Domain Scam via Paypal

The email with the Paypal invoice almost looks legit except it is from a scammer. This email is not sent by GoDaddy, accepting and sending payment via Paypal won’t get your domain renewed. Also, note the price they are try to scam you for a .com domain. It is a well-calculated scam to take advantage of the domain renewal period.

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