How to Enable VoLTE in Huawei Mate 20 Phone?

Do you have a Huawei Mate 20 smartphone and you can’t find the setting to enable VoLTE (voice over LTE, so that you can enjoy HD voice?) Then read on.

According to the official recommendation from Huawei’s technical team, they asked to switch the current network’s SIM card with another carrier’s sim card and see if you find the setting?

Many of the people who tried the above suggestion found and reported it is not working. We were also skeptical at first. Then later to give it a shot, we tried for ourselves. Here is what we did…

Our phone is on a T-mobile network and uses a T-mobile sim card, while this card is in you won’t find any setting related to VoLTE. However, we had another spare sim card (not even active) that we got while traveling in Dubai, slipped into the 2nd sim card slot, voila the VoLTE option shows up immediately for SIM 2.

Screenshot Huawei Mate 20 with VoLTE setting (Available & Enabled)

You can find from the above screenshot, setting “VoLTE calls” (Use 4G LTE data to place HD calls) available for SIM 2 which is a sim card from another network.

This at least proves the point that Huawei Mate 20 phone in the US supports VoLTE feature and it is only enabled when the carrier’s sim card has parameters configured to support VoLTE.

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  1. monglebest

    i have another international sim which goes through att at US. same thing, att refused to provide volte to my huawei mate 20 pro but this international sim has the volte option enabled.

  2. eric griffin

    It said for the mate 20 series.are you including the mate 20 x? The 7.2 in. Screen?I have cojsumercy cellular (at and t)and they sent me letters saying my phone wouldn’t work since it didn’t have 4g lte.but my phone actually sais.after 4g lteam on the front info screen next to signal strength bars and battery power I thought they were wrong.sure enough phone won’t make or reasons I ever calls.but does have texting and data,wifi and inernet.I will try putting g another Sim card into slot 2.this is the best phone on the planet in my opinion..any ideas to try would be greatly appreciated.

  3. eric griffin

    I left previous post and thought it relevant that at my carrier,consumer cellular,.I have currently activated and all working fine. apple iPhone 8,iPhone 12,I phone iPhone 13,samsung galaxy note 10 plis,samsung note 8,motorolla motor g,Motorola gplus,and asus zen phone.out of them volte works fine and my mate 20 x is the only one they sent letters saying it would soon not work when the towers all have volate only switch over….

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