How to Install Huawei Mate 20 EMUI 10.1 & Sept 2020 Updates in the US?

As mentioned in our previous post Huawei Mate 20 in USA, No Android Updates Since June 2020, there hasn’t been any new updates, security patches or latest version of EMUI 10.1 update in the US since june this year.

We were wondering what’s going on? With the Huawei ban, trade war going on, we were thinking did they completely abandon their smartphone users?

While trying to figure out how to enable VoLTE in Huawei mate 20 smartphones, we were trying various sim cards and while testing with a Dubai sim card, surprisingly huawei software updates started to prompt for downloads. This includes August & September android security patches, EMUI 10.1 version upgrade, etc..

EMUI 10.1 & Sept 2020 Security Update

We are not sure this is an issue just with our device or a widespread issue with all other Huawei phone users in the US. We thought of sharing this anyway so that it could benefit others.


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