Huawei Mate 20 in USA, No Android Updates Since June 2020

If you’re a Huawei mate 20 smartphone user (and maybe also related models) I can understand how frustrating it is with no updates since June 2020.

Huawei used to be good with their regular updates and even we wrote several blogs and appreciation for their frequent updates.

However that is no longer the case and looks like those days are over, maybe their lack of interest in the US market due to political tensions or they are too busy with fewer resources.

The last update our mate 20 phone received is EMUI (C636E5R3P4) with 127mb in size. According to the logs it includes Android system security patches released in June 2020.

Screenshot EMUI (C636E5R3P4)

While Android security updates are missing which is frequently released by Google every month, there is also talk about releasing EMUI 10.1 and even EMUI 11.0 with brand new features. With updates getting delayed those major changes are looking too far fetched.

Let us know what you think? Also if anybody in the US received EMUI 10.1 or latest security updates, please share through comments below.

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