Google Plus Huddle Video – Mobile Group Messaging and Chat Made Easy!

SMS or Text messaging is a popular means of communication through mobile phones especially among teenagers. Primary purpose of SMS or Text messaging is for shorter and quicker communication which is great when you are talking one to one.

Now let’s say you are organizing a picnic among 10 friends, colleagues or family that are in different locations. Getting them organized is a cumbersome task and it’s harder to achieve through SMS or Text messaging even if you use special tools. You cannot have a conversation with all the members through SMS or Text messaging. Now with the introduction of Google+ huddle, it’s a breeze. All you have to do is, download and install Google+ mobile app on your android or iPhone and instantly start a group chat or group messaging.

Click on the Huddle icon on the mobile app, enter in a name, email or circle name, type in a message and hit send. Instantly all the people you have mentioned become part of the group chat which will help in quicker decision making conversation. Cool, huh!

Here is a short video from Google that highlights the purpose of Google+ Huddle

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