World’s First Underwater Google+ Hangout Right From Great Barrier Reef [Video]

Google+ hangouts is undoubtedly changing the way people communicate and collaborate around the world. This time it is a very unique under the water ocean floor hangout right from great barrier reef.

Google+ underwater hangout

Underwater Google Plus Hangout with Catlin Seaview Survey diver on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia speaking with University of Queensland Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg and the attendees of the Economist World Oceans Summit in Singapore.

This is what the organizers have to say about this hangout (from Google+)

An Emmy-award-winning cinematographer like Richard Fitzpatrick (wearing an earpiece and a full-face mask with a microphone inside); An underwater camera (obviously), with Christophe, our cameraman, using an earpiece relaying the audio from the hangout; a wire to feed the audio and images to a laptop on our boat; our captain, Jamie, needed a separate laptop so he could hear what’s going on beneath, tell everyone what was going on above water and also let people know in Singapore how things were working; finally, we needed an Internet connection from the boat to dry land.

We did three practice runs, during which we learned we’d need a better microphone for Richard to come through clearly. We woke up early on Thursday to find a clear patch where everything could be seen clearly. The only thing we were missing before we went live was … an Internet connection! It was down. Luckily, it returned and you can see the results below. A conference room in Singapore, two people on stage, a sea cucumber, a man underwater, several fish and a captain on a boat, all hanging out.

Ocean floor hangout video


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